ING Bank Celebrates Christmas with a Gift to Clients

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ING Bank Christmas Gift Box RevealING Bank Philippines recently launched its very first Christmas ‘gift box’ installation in Bonifacio Global City. For me, it’s a good way for the bank to get in touch with its customers, current and targeted. After all, ING Bank can be taken as financial institution which handles only high-networth individuals.

But that is no longer the case. While ING Bank’s initial operations deals with corporate and investment banking, it recently launched an all-digital banking service for the regular people like you and me. Yes, you can now have a savings account with ING. And you don’t even have to visit a branch.

All you have to do is to whip up your phone, download the bank’s app, and sign up. Creating a savings account is easy, and it involves just a selfie and capturing your valid identification card. And the best thing is, you get high interest on your savings than the usual offer by other local banks.

ING Philippines app on iOSOut of curiosity, I opened an ING Bank on February this year but didn’t really made any transactions until the 3rd month. The good thing is there’s no maintaining balance. Since then, I’ve used to deposit a check, transfer funds to and from my other accounts, and of course, save some money.

ING Philippines App login pageWhile there transferring funds to other banks is totally free, some banks would charge fees when transferring mon ey to my ING account. One of the ‘gifts’ announced during the event at BGC is the PESONet and Instapay Fee Rebate promotion. New and existing clients with ING Savings Account will receive a rebate of Php100.00 per transfer if you incurred fees. This promo runs until January 31, 2020 and is valid for the first two fund transfer.

Php100 RebatesAnother gift of savings from ING Bank is that they are extending the offer of getting 4% interest rate per annum for all existing and new ING Savings Bank clients. This promo, which originally ran from August 1, 2019 to October 31, 2019 has been extended until January 31, 2020.

ING Bank high interest rate promoWhat a gift! In the midst of the yuletide season where we Filipinos are focused on celebrating and spending time partying and shopping, ING Bank is giving a better option. While we’re inclined to splurge, it would be good to tone it down a little and keep some money in the bank, with a better rate and even more savings.

ING Bank Gift Box Installation at BGCSince its launch as the first all-digital bank in the Philippines in November 2018, ING seeks to promote a savings mindset by empowering Filipinos to save. “Our Christmas installation is a ‘gift box’. It brings out a simple message that banking with ING is not just about switching to a fully-digital banking, but also giving yourself the gift of savings.” Sicat said during the launch of the campaign.

ING Bank Philippines Executive at the launchSo this holiday seasons, save instead of splurging. Take advantage of ING Bank’s gift of savings and have a better future, not just in the Year 2020 but in the next years to come. I actually use my savings account with the bank as a depository for my travel funds, so I can have more countries to visit. Download the app on iOS or Android and start saving today.

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