Julie Anne San Jose is Perfect for My Guitar Princess

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Julie Anne San Jose as Celina Raymundo in My Guitar PrincessJulie Anne San Jose is My Guitar Princess. That’s my initial thought when I learned about the newest romance-comedy series which will start screening on GMA 7 starting May 7. With the young Kapuso star’s musical talent, she’s perfect for the role and one would think the show was made for her. After the blogcon where we met the cast of the show, I can say that Julie Anne is perfect for My Guitar Princess.

Julie Anne San Jose is Celina Raymundo in My Guitar Princess, the only child of a house helper. Her mom, Adele, wouldn’t allow her to pursue a career in music. But Celina went for her passion and became famous, but had to hide her real identity.

Julie Anne San Jose shares how she can relate to her role in My Guitar PrincessAt the blogcon, the young actress shared that she was able to fully relate to her role in the series. That’s because her father is not in favor of her going into showbiz. In 2005, Juli Anne San Jose auditioned and competed in Popstar Kids, a singing competition in GMA Network’s other channel, QTV 11 (now GMA News TV).

Julie Anne San Jose leads My Guitar PrincessShe didn’t win the competition, and after that, Julie Anne’s father wanted her to stop despite her wanting to continue what she has started. And when she has somehow accepted that show business is not for her and focus on schooling, opportunities started pouring in. That’s when she made a compromise with her dad, promising to finish her studies as she continues with her passion.

Sheryl Cruz talks about her role as Adele in My Guitar Princess
Sheryl Cruz flanked by Jazz Ocampo (right) and Marika Sasaki (left)

Having learned about Julie Anne’s experience, I can say that she can truly give justice to her role as Celina. Same goes with Sheryl Cruz as Adele, who also happens to be a single parent in real life. Expect great acting performances on My Guitar Princess.

It may be a light TV series, but great acting is definitely required. Julie Anne San Jose and Sheryl Cruz can rise to the occasion with a great cast which also includes Gil Cuerva and Kiko Estrada as Julie Anne’s love interest, supported by Jazz Ocampo, Isabella de Leon, Kier Legaspi, Frank Garcia, Marc Abaya, Marika Sasaki, Ralf King, Maey Bautista, and Lui Manansala.


Direk Nick Olanka is not scared of the challenge that a new series brings
Director Nick Olanka

My Guitar Princess is helmed by Nick Olanka, the director who’s done indie films and TV series already. I’ve witnessed the collaborative and friendly spirit of the director, the cast, and writers during the blogcon. That’s suffice to say that the TV series is in good hands.

The cast of My Guitar PrincessWatch Julie Anne San Jose and the rest of the cast in My Guitar Princess starting May 7, before Eat Bulaga. With music, love, and laughter, it’ll be an enjoyable show to watch on GMA 7.

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