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my plate - All Filipino Buffet at Cabalen TriNoMa
my plate filled with Bringhe, Lechon and some veggies

All-Filipino Buffet at Cabalen TriNoMa

Despite the many restaurants scattered in the metro offering international cuisine, I can’t help but go back to restaurants offering Filipino dishes. Just like the rest of the Asian region, Filipino food also has a lot of influences, having been colonized by Spain, Japan and America. Not to mention the influences of our neighboring countries, like China, whom our forefathers used to do business with prior to being taken over by foreign countries. While I have to admit that I am no longer aware which food is truly Filipino, I enjoy these dishes. A recent food trip to Cabalen TriNoMa got me enjoying this kind of food as this branch is offering All-Filipino Buffet for only Php298. I got my unlimited drink too for an additional Php40.

All Filipino Buffet at Cabalen TriNoMa

All Filipino Buffet at Cabalen TriNoMa Promo

I remember dining at Cabalen Restaurants several times. If my memory serves me right, the first time was at the Megamall branch back in the mid-90s. I was able to return twice in 2010, first when i checked the restaurant at SM Mall of Asia as I was coordinating a reunion with friends. I liked the airy ambiance, plus the Asian buffet that I decided to make the reservation. I was surprised that this branch located at the 2nd floor of TriNoMa only serves Filipino dishes in their buffet selections. The good thing about this is that the price is lower compared to their other branches which until today offers Asian dishes on their buffet spread.

Sisig - All Filipino Buffet at Cabalen TriNoMa

I enjoyed all the food on the buffet spread – there’s soup, meat, fish, vegetables, dessert – all available for one to enjoy at heart’s content. I think I went back 4 times to have my refill of Bringhe and Lechon! It was a fantastic meal, and because we were there on a weekday, the customers are not that many, so I the environment is more relaxed. We also had 3 kinds of sisig — Lechon sisig, pork sisig and tofu sisig. Surprisingly, I enjoyed the tofu variant as it was flavorful, not that the others are not, but this one has a distinct taste that I like. A tip though, make sure to order your sisig before lining up to get the rest of the food. This way, the staff can prepare the sisig while filling your plate and have it waiting for you just in time when you’re ready to dig in.

my plate - All Filipino Buffet at Cabalen TriNoMa

Ready to dig in! My plate filled with Bringhe, Lechon and some veggies

Dinner was capped with desserts — Leche Flan, Guinataang Halo-Halo and the Do-It-Yourself Halo Halo.

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The All-Filipino Buffet at Cabalen TriNoMa is a perfect offering for family and friends. It’s more affordable and the place is very casual. Everyone will feel welcomed here. This is also an ideal place to bring friends and relatives coming home from overseas who are likely to be missing Filipino foods a lot. If you know expatriates or foreigner friends, the restaurant is highly recommended for an introduction to local dishes. I suddenly remembered my friend based in the US, who would always look for Filipino cuisine whenever she’d visit the country. She would order a lot of food that we’d end up having to bring it back to the hotel where she’s staying. Incidentally, Cabalen TriNoMa has partnered with Quick Delivery Service. You can bring the Cabalen buffet experience wherever you are in Metro Manila. Simply call (02) 212-1212 or visit the website for more information.


  1. We had our mini reunion at this place last Dec 26, 2012 and we regret having chosen this place. The crew took a long time refilling the viands in the buffet table. Most of the time, only rice and leftovers were available to the diners. Our family only had rice, chicken adobo and stir fried kangkong the whole time. My friend has to argue with the crew to fill the lechon station with palatable portions. Some of the diners used a whole banana in the fundue since no marshmallows and sliced fruits were there. Yung mga bata nga yung stick na lang ang nilalagyan ng chocolate. The management of this place should do something about this. Most of us felt cheated of our hard earned cash in this joint. πŸ™

  2. Nakakamiss na ang mga yummy Sisig ng Cabalen!

  3. I can’t resist all these foods! Absolutely Filipino kasi talaga. My ultimate favorite πŸ™‚

  4. Ang sarap, when it comes to food Kapampangan cook s very well Cabalen is no doubt one of the best restaurant to go and enjoy food with family and friends

  5. Cabalen always comes to mind when we think of a place where we could indulge with Filipino food. Now I’m thinking about food again!!! *blames the photos above* πŸ™‚

  6. I miss this place. I miss the FILIPINO DISHES that they served. Hope they’ll branch out here in Davao.

  7. this is one of the more “sulit” buffets in the country. less than 500 pesos only.

  8. all looks amazingly yummy! now im missing fiesta in philippines where you can have your own buffet at home like this! xx

  9. This is where me and my hubby usually go if we miss having Filipino dishes. Very affordable with the super wide variety of choices. And the taste is also good. Though, the place can be jam-packed and noisy at times specially during weekends lunch, the visit is always worth it.

  10. I can’t remember the last time I went here. But I must agree they are the ones which offers authentic and delish Filipino cuisine. I suddenly miss their sisig version πŸ™‚

  11. Kudos to Filipino style of cooking. Love our own foods and resto.

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