Yuletide Treats and Treasures at Figaro Coffee

Figaro Coffee CompanyAs the days pass by, it’s really beginning to look a lot like Christmas. With the songs we hear and the decors we see, there’s no stopping Christmas. And last night, we had the first dibs of the Yuletide treats and treasures at Figaro Coffee Shangri-La Branch. What the coffee company has to offer will definitely bring glad tidings and Christmas cheers to you and your family, friends even.

Glorious Sweets

Along with other bloggers, I had the opportunity to taste Figaro Coffee’s glorious sweets – a wide range of pastries perfect for the holidays. We had Mrs Claus Muffkies in Vanilla and Chocolate flavor, Snowfall Chewy Butterscotch, Season Fruitcake Bar, Evergreen Chocolate Brownie Decadence and Red Velvet Cake.

Glorious Sweets - Figaro Coffee Mrs Claus Muffkies ChocolateThe Mrs Claus Muffkies is actually Figaro’s take on hybrid pastries. But instead of having a croissant and donut, they had muffins and cookies. But unlike the usual muffins which is really dense, the coffee shop’s offering is somewhat light. The topping gives lends the cookie texture, making muffkies interesting and a joy to eat. I liked both chocolate and vanilla flavor; I can’t actually choose which one is better. The Mrs Claus Muffkies is priced at P80 each.

For those who love really sweet pastries, the Snowfall Chewy Butterscotch is a good choice. It’s actually a brownie topped with marshmallows. The play of texture is also interesting, but because it’s so sweet I suddenly had a sugar rush. We were told that this pastry was made with the kids in mind knowing that some Figaro customers bring their kids along to dine at the coffee shop. That’s a thoughtful move that I’m sure the kids will enjoy.

If you want something refreshing and chocolatey, the Evergreen Chocolate Brownie Decadence is worth a try. The pastry has a mint-flavored ganache that perfectly blends with the dark chocolate topping. I was surprised on my first bite of the Evergreen Chocolate Brownie Decadence as I didn’t expect to like it. This is so worth having!

Then there’s the Season Fruitcake Bar which I initially thought would taste like the usual fruitcake. We were told that there’s a slight mix of liquor but I didn’t get to taste it. The candied fruit topping over the light cake gave the Season Fruitcake Bar different flavor in every bite.Glorious Sweets - Figaro Coffee Red Velvet Cake Sliced

My favorite of all Figaro Coffee Yuletide Treats is the Red Velvet Cake. To be honest, I was not expecting a lot from this cake because I didn’t like this cake the first time I had it in single serving more than a year ago. Figaro blew me away with this one because the cake is moist and really yummy. It’s also beautifully made with the white frosting and the wreath-like design with gold pearls. It will definitely brighten up every Christmas spread.

Yuletide Frost

Pastries won’t be complete without a drink. While you can have Figaro Coffee’s Glorious Sweets with a cup of coffee, you can also enjoy it with their Yuletide Frost – the Aloe Lychee Frost and Mixed Berries Frost. Both drinks are sprinkled with Chia Seeds, making the healthy cold fruit drinks even healthier. The Aloe Lychee Frost is creamy to the taste and refreshing, good for relaxing. The Mixed Berries Frost is sweet and lively, with raspberries very evident. These are another Figaro Coffee Yuletide Treats that I love and will definitely be having depending on the time of the day, or my mood. 🙂

Figaro Coffee Yuletide Frost - Aloe Lychee Frost and Mixed Berries Frost - P145
Aloe Lychee Frost and Mixed Berries Frost – P145

Glorious Treasures

Christmas is the season of giving and everyone would love to receive Figaro Coffee’s glorious treasures. There’s the Premium Tumbler for Him and for Her (P420 each), The Magic Mug which would reveal its design when poured with hot water will surely delight every coffee drinker. And instead of the usual planner, Figaro Coffee decided to offer a notebook instead. This is actually good because then you can use it any day, any year because it has no “expiration.” Figaro Coffee celebrates its 20th year with branches overseas. This is clearly evident on the Figaro notebook. These Figaro Coffee Yuletide treasures sure are great gift ideas this season.

Figaro Coffee Notebook
Figaro Coffee Notebook – P175

With all these Yuletide Treats and Treasures at Figaro Coffee, you will definitely not miss Christmas. Instead, you’ll have one that’s Merry indeed. So head over to the nearest Figaro Coffee and get these treats and treasures for you and your loved ones, and let the Spirit of Christmas rule your heart. 🙂 Visit Figaro on Facebook and Twitter for more details.

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