I Dared to Groove with Confidence at the Amway Kiss Activity Booth

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Amway Kiss Activity Booth at Trinoma
Amway Kiss Activity Booth at Trinoma

A few weeks ago I dared to groove with confidence at the Amway Kiss Activity Booth in Trinoma. It’s one of the first of Amway Philippines activation campaign to encourage everyone to live life, kiss life and kiss worries away. I’m actually a shy person, but that goes away when I perform, whether dancing or acting. Yep, I used to do those things in my younger years. 😉

Of course I’m older now, and performing is totally far from my activities these days. Not to mention that I’m fatter, which means I’m heavier. As I was watching the dance moves to follow at the booth, I’m confident that I can take on it.

The City Roamer dared to groove at the Amway Kiss booth
That’s me dancing! Photo by Cristelle Torres of Girl and Boy Thing

So I kissed my fears away and dared to groove with confidence. I was right, I still have those moves, haha! Too bad I don’t have a video to show, just the photos above taken by blogger friend Cristelle Torres of Girl and Boy Thing. The dance was something like this:

With the Amway Kiss campaign, the global beauty and wellness company offers products that can help boost your confidence and health. The featured product, Glister Breath Spray, takes your worries about bad breath with a few spritzes. I tried it after eating and was surprised that it works without the sting that other products in the market does.

Spritzes of Glister Breath Spray after eating works
I sprayed after eating and boy does it work!

Aside from oral hygiene products, Amway also has the Nutrilite Acerola C and Nutrilite Double X. These products were made to help protect and provide the nutrition the body needs. All these power-packed supplements are organically prepared by Amway, from seed to supplement.

Amway Oral Hygiene products
Amway Oral Hygiene products

Nutrilite Acerola C

Amway Nutrilite Double XI have known Amway as a global organization. Multi-level Marketing or MLM quickly comes to mind when the company is mentioned. With the malpractices of other entrepreneurs, MLM had a negative connotation. But if you look closely, Amway is just like other companies that manufactures products for the home, health and beauty, among others. They just a different way of marketing and selling their products.

It looks like the company, with its local subsidiary Amway Philippines, is making efforts to be known to a bigger consumer market. Aside from Trinoma, the Amway Kiss campaign will also be held at Cagayan de Oro, Davao and Cebu. More updates about the campaign on Facebook:

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