New Seafood Delights on Dencio’s Menu

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dencio's bar and grillFoodies, there’s something new on Dencio’s menu – Kilawin Bisaya and Krispy Embotido! Since my yuppy days, Dencio’s Bar and Grill has been a favorite restaurant to eat and drink. My favorite hangout is the one along Katipunan near Blue Ridge before the area was disrupted by road construction. It’s been in business for 25 years and yes, it remains to be a favorite.

The Kilawin Bisaya is a great blend of tuna cubes with cuts of pipino peel, covered with creamy white sauce, siling pari, spring onion and red bell pepper. The fusion of its freshest ingredients results in a flavorful appetizer perfect to start off a promising dining experience for only Php170.00. I enjoy kilawin dishes, so definitely this is something I must try.

Kilawin Bisaya on Dencio's Menu
Kilawin Bisaya

Then there’s Dencio’s interesting take on the famous embotido which is also a must-try. The twist on adding shrimp, everyone’s favorite seafood. From the typical embotido, Dencio’s introduces its Krispy Embotido Hipon, shrimp coated with meat wrapped in lumpia wrapper. Its crispiness is just the right level. It also comes with sweet chilli that gives an extra kick on its flavor. A group of 5 persons can already enjoy the Krispy Embotido Hipon for only Php 1,560.

Krispy Embotido Hipon on Dencio's Menu
Krispy Embotido Hipon

Of course, there are other options on Dencio’s menu. That includes Sinigang na Tiyan ng Bangus which perfectly complements the new food offerings and the sumptuous Krispy Sisig.  Truly, Dencio’s is a go to place as it always offer a wide selection of food suited for the season and its customers’ diet.

Sinigang Na Bangus on Dencio's Menu
Sinigang Na Bangus

The new seafood offerings are available for the season in all Dencio’s branches.  Although perfect for the lenten season, I do hope they keep them on Dencio’s menu forever. Connect with our favorite restaurant on Facebook (, Instagram (@denciosph), Twitter (@dencios_PH) and visit to learn more about the latest delectable dishes from Dencio’s.

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