Blogapalooza Fam Spreads Holiday Cheer to PH Content Creators

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The Yuletide Season will always have a special place in the hearts of Filipinos. We celebrate it with merry hearts and cheerful spirits  and despite it being celebrated differently nowadays, Filipinos will always have a way of making it memorable amid the new normal, including having virtual caroling.

To celebrate the festivities in a new way, Blogapalooza, the Philippines’ premier influencer marketing company, serenaded the community of content creators and influencers by releasing a Bloga-fied version of a Jose Mari Chan Christmas classic. Titled “Bloga in Our Hearts”, the Blogapalooza family came together to create a music video that aims to spread love, light, and good vibes to the community.

“Despite the pandemic, we wanted to spread hope and give comfort through a simple Christmas song. We want to inspire our BlogaFam and all content creators and influencers to continue making valuable content and to make the digital space a safe, happy, and inspiring space for everyone,” said Ace Gapuz, Blogamomma and CEO of Blogapalooza.

By changing most of the song’s original lyrics and appropriating the tune with the experience of content creators, Blogapalooza thanked its community– the BlogaFam– for helping Filipinos cope during the pandemic. The music video also features some of the members of the BlogaFam who joined in this year’s various activities and campaigns.

Blogpalooza also included representatives from content creator communities from Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao to show that there is always a BlogaFam no matter where you are in the country. Content creators and influencers featured in the video include Owen Vilches, Kookoo Macasaet, Katrina Lacanilao, Chal Maling, Eryka Lucas, Karl Zarate, Jo Quilinderino, and Sinjin Pineda.

“The creative community played an immense role in helping us get through the most challenging days with their content. While we were all cooped at home, they continued to work hard to create valuable, creative, and entertaining content to cheer us up and help us cope with the uncertainties of the times. This is our way of thanking them and inspiring them to continue going despite the difficulties that we face,” said Blogamomma Ace.

Blogapalooza has always been a staunch supporter of elevating the influencer community in the Philippines. In the thick of the lockdowns last year, Blogapalooza launched the InfluencerPreneur program, an incubation program that aims to produce a new breed of influencers — individuals who understand both the creative side and the business side of content creation. To date, the program has produced more than 100 InfluencerPreneurs.

All over the Philippines, Blogapalooza has a 10,000 strong network of influencers. The community has been instrumental in creating and driving authentic conversations on various platforms for brands and businesses.

Haven’t watched the music video yet? Get into the holiday spirit with the BlogaFam by watching the “Bloga in Our Hearts” below! And if you want to join the BlogaFam, visit their website and official social media pages.

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