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Aiko Melendez is flattered with memes about her

Aiko Melendez is Flattered to be the Queen of Memes

Aiko Melendez is flattered of her memesActress Aiko Melendez shared that she’s flattered with all the memes about her, and even noted that she’s now the Queen of Memes. This is one of the things we learned about her during a presscon. The Wildflower actress has been at the receiving end of all the memes that sometimes can be offending. She was initially unaware, but upon discovery, enjoyed every bit of it.

The Wildflower villain was quick to point out that her approach in acting as Gov. Emilia Ardiente-Torillo in the Kapamilya teleserye is not the usual. Her exaggerated acting became the perfect target to play with memes. She mentioned that one of her favorite memes is the one created on Facebook by Criss Riggs. That was super funny. Here are the other memes I found online.

Aiko Melendez Memes

Aiko Melendez Memes

Aiko Melendez Memes

The memes are proof of the teleserye’s popularity. Wildflower has established a solid rating that it was extended and Aiko was very happy with that. During my first interview with her, she’s all praise with Maja Salvador. And she continues to do so, expressing her admiration of the young actress.

Aiko describes Maja as her “soulmate” because they’re able to read each other’s mind as far as their scenes are concerned. They’re both able to do ad lib when they work on the set and the result is really positive. At one point, they had an accident during a “cake” scene where Maja accidentally poked Aiko’s eye which caused a clot.

Aiko Melendez is a all-praise with Maja SalvadorApparently, it was Wendell Ramos who noticed the clot in Aiko’s eye. The actress shared at the presscon that she didn’t feel anything as they were in the thick of things while taping. She only felt the pain after work, thus she was rushed to the hospital.

As an artist in the Philippine entertainment industry, Aiko Melendez has proven herself as a credible performer. She started young and was asked how she would advise the young artists in today’s generation. The multi-awarded actress was quick to point out that young actors should go through workshops in preparation for a established career.

Although busy with her career, the mother of two kids (Andrei and Martina) makes sure that she spends her time with God and her family on Sundays. Asked about her parenting style, Aiko pointed out that she has to stay in the middle as far as being strict and giving her kids the freedom. One of the things that she would remind her son is not to watch porn and also to impose curfew when going out.

Aiko Melendez is more than just a pretty faceAiko Melendez grew up in front of the public eyes. And although she’s had her share of ups and downs, she has triumphed into a woman that she is now. More than just a pretty face, Aiko has the talent, sensibility, and maturity that can take on everything, even if it’s a harsh meme.

Aiko Melendez is Flattered to be the Queen of Memes
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Aiko Melendez is Flattered to be the Queen of Memes
Aiko Melendez shared that she's flattered that people are creating her memes, even the ones that are meant to bash her.
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