I Heart San Marino Canned Tuna

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I love fish, but because I live solo, there’s no point going to the market to buy in bulk which may eventually spoil. So I get my fix when eating out. But at times I crave when I’m home, so I make sure I also have a stock of canned tuna in the kitchen shelves. Then I discovered San Marino Corned Tuna.

San Marino Hearty Line
But I really want the kind that’s chunky and it’s a good thing the brand had the hearty line with it’s Blue Mackerel and Tuna Fillet in Spanish Style. Just like Kris Aquino, I heart San Marino!

Just today, I received a gift pack from CDO Foodsphere! It’s the recently launched premium San Marino Limited Edition Gift Set.

the San Marino Gift Set

Elegantly-packaged, this product is the perfect hearty gift for our loved ones. It contains four cans of San Marino Yellowfin tuna fillet in Olive Oil 180g which is rich in Omega-3, two in classic flavor while the other two in Spanish Style. Each can has prime cuts of Yellofin Tuna fillet, one of the most premium types of tuna, packed in pure olive oil.


The package arrived in time for lunch. With the convenient easy-open can, I was tempted to immediately open a can. Boy was it good! Good thing I’m on a no-rice diet. I can imagine how many times I’d fill my plate if ever. But aside from the taste, the portions are big, so consumers are not short-changed.

I heart the San Marino Limited Edition. The gift set is now available in selected supermarkets for only 320.00 per set. Get yours now and gift yourself and your loved ones with a healthy heart.

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  1. My kids loved San Marino Yellowfin mashed with mayonnaise, pickles and shredded cabbage. 🙂 I feel my mouth watering for food!!!! lols

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