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Discovering Jelly-G Thai Milk Tea

Working from home, at times I find myself wanting to go out and stay at a place I can do my task for a different ambiance. It’s a good thing that coffee shops have proliferated all the metro. The problem is, these establishments are sometimes filled with people. That leaves me with no place to sit in or the it’s too noisy I can concentrate on my tasks. My alternative are milk tea shops that is also gaining popularity in the country. But not all milk tea shops are equipped with the facilities that I need. So when I got an invite to discover Jelly-G Thai Milk Tea, I gave it a go. Jelly-G Shaw CentnrumI have to admit I’m quite hesitant because the Jelly-G branch near my place inside Ali Mall in Cubao is just a kiosk. The branch I visited is located along Shaw Boulevard, inside 500 Shaw Centrum Mall. This is a stand-alone milk tea shop with seats and a certain level of privacy. The place is quite small, but just right. The bright orange and green colors in the interior gives it a vibrant vibe.

While we all get settled down and take pictures, the items on the menu piqued my interest. Then we got to taste their Thai Milk Teas and Bread Toast.

Among the drinks, my favorite is the Cheesy Mango. It’s got the right sweetness, plus the cheese complemented the drink. It was quite surprising because it was the first time that I drank a beverage with cheese. The Coffee Mint is equally good, though I would love a stronger coffee flavor. The Jasmine Green Tea is an acquired taste which I don’t have. Not that I’m not adventurous as far as food and beverages are concerned. Or maybe I’m not just in the mood for such a flavor that day.

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I enjoyed the Basil Blush Bread Toast. The basil-infused spread over the bread is such a delight, the flavor just explodes in my mouth, it’s a different experience and I love it! Discovering Jelly-G Milk Tea is an experience in itself realizing that there are still milk tea flavors that I have yet to taste. Thinking that the inspiration behind this milk tea shop is Thai unlike the rest which hails or were influenced China-based shops. I would also say that the price for each menu items is quite affordable.

Too bad Shaw Centrum is far from my place. Although it’s not the ideal place to stay to get my work done, it’s a place that I would love to stay just to chill and to listen to music. If you’re looking for new flavors for your ice cold tea drink, drop by Jelly-G Thai Milk Tea at Alabang Town Center, Glorietta 4, Market! Market!, Marquee Mall, SM Marikina, Sta. Lucia East Grand Mall, Ali Mall, Festival Supermall and Robinsons Metro East. Of course, if you’re in Mandaluyong, drop by the 500 Shaw Centrum branch. For more information, visit the company website or connect with Jelly-G Facebook Page.


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