Gunther Deichmann to Lead Power Mac’s Photography Workshop in Subic

Gunther Deichmann

Multi-Awarded and Internationally acclaimed Australian Photographer Gunther Deichmann. Visit for more info.

Multi-awarded and internationally acclaimed Australian photographer Gunther Deichmann to lead Power Mac Center’s Photography and Aperture Workshop in Subic. This is good news for the digital photography and Apple enthusiasts who wants to develop their skills further.A certified Apple Pro Trainer for Aperture, Mr Deichmann is on the Apple Aperture Advisory Board Asia. His works, consisting of images taken in the past 35 years in over 30 countries, have been featured in many international magazines and books and graced covers including Time Magazine. He has published 12 books including his most recent “Journey Through Color & Time.”

To be conducted at the Subic Park Hotel in Zambales on February 8 and 9, the two-day workshop on basic photography and digital photo management using Aperture, Apple’s photography software. Aperture is a powerful software equipped with easy-to-use tools that gives users the ability work on their photos aside from simply managing libraries on Mac.

One of the world’s wonders, The Banaue Rice Terraces, under Deichmann’s lens.

One of the world’s wonders, The Banaue Rice Terraces, under Deichmann’s lens.

Mr Deichmann is expected to share his experiences and techniques on photography. Subic is an ideal location with its scenic attractions. Other topics that will be discussed at the workshop are color correction and editing, making the right adjustments (curves, brushes, etc.), backing up files, protecting images, analyzing RAW versus JPEG, managing and sharing libraries, as well as how to work with Aperture while in the field and more.

Subic was reportedly chosen in particular because it is the perfect environment for the event, offering a beautiful and serene environment. Participants will definitely enjoy taking pictures of the area and will help in pushing creativity in photography further. Using their digital cameras, attendees will be asked to take photos, edit and critique their outputs, while learning, experiencing, understanding and maximizing the features of the Apple Aperture software.

Power Mac CenterThe registration for this well-loved adventure photography workshop costs Php 6,500.00 per participant inclusive of 16 hours of training, meals, actual photo shoots, hands-on digital photo editing and management, and a certificate signed by Gunther Deichmann upon completing the course. For more details about the photography workshop, please visit  Interested parties may register at or

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15 thoughts on “Gunther Deichmann to Lead Power Mac’s Photography Workshop in Subic

  1. Myk Malag

    This is good for those who are still new to photography and haven’t discovered what field they are into. Good luck to those who will join and may they improve their craft.

  2. Mai Flores

    Wow! I’m definitely sharing this information to my brothers. Most of them are photography enthusiasts. But one happens to be a DOP by profession, so he might find this workshop worth his while. :)

  3. Francis Balgos

    This would have been great.
    His sample shot of the Rice terraces is impecable.
    I’d really like to take his lecture about photography, well minus Apple as I dont use it.
    Maybe soon perhaps!

  4. John

    Wow! I am fond of photography and wished to be part of this. However, I am miles away from the country. Wishing you success in this endeavor, though.


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Gunther Deichmann to Lead Power Mac’s Photography Workshop in Subic