Top 3 Pieces of Dualsport Riding Gear

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Many riders purchase aftermarket mods for motorcycles to make sure that their bikes are suited for either street or off-road riding. However, those riders that can’t choose between the trails and the winding hills often purchase a dual sport bike. However, since these bikes serve two purposes or riding style, then how do you choose the right equipment? The best dual sport riding gear finds a balance between the two extremes while offering significant protection and comfort, ensuring a safe and fun experience for the operator. However, what pieces should a new dual sport bike owner start with?

  1. Helmet
    When it comes to biker accessories, you would be hard-pressed to find any off-roader who didn’t advocate for a full-face helmet. Therefore, one of your first purchases should be finding a helmet that fits you correctly without being too tight or too loose. Also, you might want to consider the type of riding you will do most. For instance, dedicated street helmets are more aerodynamic than dirt helmets, which provide more ventilation. Dual sport helmets try to combine aerodynamics with ventilation, but if you are not a 50/50 rider, then it might not be enough of either. Therefore, when it comes to helmet selection, it is best to consider your riding style and preferences, but you should purchase a full-face helmet regardless, to maximize protection.motorcycle helmets
  2. Body Gear
    When considering body protection for a dual sport bike, you need to think about the obstacles you will face in street and trail riding. Thankfully, many body gear manufacturers have thought about these issues for you. Therefore, the protective clothing marketed to dual sport riders is typically made from leather and ballistic nylon to protect against abrasions. Also, these essential pieces of equipment usually include chest, back, shoulder and elbow protection. However, while you might think you would overheat from all of these layers of protection, there is ventilation built into every piece. Also, many protectors for dual sport riders serve a dual purpose, meaning that certain elements can be removed for street riding and reapplied for off-roading.Motorcycle helmet, gloves and boots isolated on white background.
  3. Gloves and Boots
    As with any style of motorcycle riding, gloves and boots are incredibly important. Gloves protect against minor abrasions while reducing the risk of hand fatigue through comfort grip technology. Boots also reduce strain but more importantly, they help to protect against bone breaks in an accident. The beauty of dual sport gloves and boots is that you can purchase items meant for off-roading because they will work just as well on the pavement as they do in the dirt.

Dual sport bikes are popular choices for off-road riders because they offer the duality of street and dirt riding. Therefore, the bikes are street legal, which is not always the case with dirt bikes. However, despite their versatility, owners can feel a little confused when it comes to purchasing the best gear for their new motorcycle. Fortunately, the choices don’t have to be difficult, and they mainly come down to your riding style preference. Therefore, find a full-face helmet, body gear and gloves and boots that offer the best protection for the riding you do most.

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