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Motorcycle Riders in the Metro

rush hour in manila

traffic jam in edsaWith the traffic situation in the Philippines, motorcycle riders in the metro have grown tremendously. Riding a motorcycle is definitely the fastest route to getting to your destination these days. But if I hope that if people choose this mode of transport, that they’d make sure to have the proper motorcycle gears to be safe and protected.

Riding a motorcycle will allow you to swiftly move from one lane to another and not be bogged down by the traffic jam. Unfortunately, I’ve seen bikers in the metro getting into accidents. And sadly, some are lethal.

motorcycle riders not properly protected

motorcycle riders not properly protected

It’s important for motorcycle riders to be wearing helmets all the time when on the road, and to put on some more protective gear for the body. The weather in the Philippines these days are so unpredictable, so those motorcycle jackets for men will definitely provide a certain level of protection. Initially, I was wondering how some could wear jackets on the road while the sun is up.

Motorcycle Helmet

I discovered that these jackets offer ventilation to allow air to flow in and out of the body. And that helps when the weather is so hot. Still, I wonder why not all the bikers are wearing a jacket. Some do, but I can tell they’re not the kind meant for motorcycling.


Motorcycle Jacket for menThat is so wrong in many levels. First, they’re not properly protected. Second, they look sloppy. I’m sure they can find the right gears for their budget. There are even Honda motorcycle apparel from aftermarket brands that they can check out.

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Bikers GlovesIf I were to join the bikers in the metro, I’d make sure that I’m protected and look good on the road. I love how the other riders are so put together, they look like they’re joining a race. has the motorcycle gears and jackets that I would love to wear.

motorcycle squeezing in traffic

motorcycle squeezing in traffic

But of course, aside from the motorcycle gears that keep you safe, protected, and looking cool, the most important factor is driving safely. I have to say that I’ve encountered motorcycle riders in the metro that disregard driving or traffic rules. It’s easy to get carried away and just get on with the ride. But safety first should be on every motorcycle rider’s mind.

Motorcycle Riders in the Metro
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Motorcycle Riders in the Metro
With the growing population of motorcycle riders in the Philippines, attention should be given to safety gears and protection on the road.
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