Review: Rapoo VH110 Illuminated Gaming Headset

Rapoo VH110 Illuminated Gaming Headset in the boxSo I finally found the chance to review the Rapoo VH110 Illuminated Gaming Headset sent to me for review a couple of months back. The moment I received it, I got excited because the brand is something I trust as far as computer peripherals are concerned.

But realizing it’s primary for gaming made me doubt my capacity to review the gadget. I’m not a gamer. There I said it. And somehow I feel that I won’t be able to justify the review.

I was thinking of using the Rapoo VH110 like any other headset. After all, anybody buying this gear won’t be doing games all the time. But I can’t pull myself to do it. Until I got sickly and couldn’t find the time to do serious work.

While prepping for the review, I tried searching for games that I can use. I have a MacBook Pro mid-2012 and when I tried installing the ones I felt that I can play, the game was lagging. Plus, I was having a hard time playing (toinks!)

Eventually, I found the right game for me. After a couple of guided tours, I got the hang of it and played with the Rapoo headset. But, let’s talk about this gaming peripheral.

First Impression

Out of the box, it looks like the same old over-ear headphones that I see in the market. But when I started inspecting its features with the manual, I started to like it.

Looks like your usual over-ear headsetThe over-ear design ensures that it won’t fall off while using it. The suspension headwear design adds to the comfort. Although I like the in-ear headphones for portability, the over-ear design is a winner when you just want it to stick on your head.

Using the Rapoo VH110 Headset

The ear cup is cushioned making it more comfortable when worn for a long time. I hate it when headphones hurt my ears, that’s why I enjoy the VH110 headset.

Soft cushioned earcups
Soft cushioned earcups

The Rapoo VH110 also features a long wire, perfect when you have to connect the headset from the back of your PC. I like it because it lets me move away from my desk when I need to reach stuff further away from my desk.

Long wire with USB and 3.5mm jack
Long wire with USB and 3.5mm jack

Plugging in the VH110 into the USB port of my computer lights up the earcups. I love the RGB colors that lit up. Perfect when playing. 

The Gaming Experience

While the RGB lights dancing on the earcups of this headset is cool, it’s the gaming experience that makes the difference.

Rapoo VH110 Illuminated Gaming Headset has RGB lights
Rapoo VH110 Illuminated Gaming Headset has RGB lights

There’s noise cancellation giving an immersive gaming experience. I like that the sound control is very accessible too. And the mic is very flexible.

The microphone illuminated with a red light
The microphone illuminated with a red light

Suffice it to say that I enjoyed playing a computer game with the Rapoo Gaming Headset. Although I doubt if I’ll ever play again hehe… Maybe when my eyesight is back to normal.Playing computer game with Rapoo VH110 Illuminated Gaming Headset

Get your Rapoo VH110 Illuminated Gaming Headset for only Php895 from Silicon Valley, PC Express, and Complink. 

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