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Rapoo C280 in the boxIt’s been a month now since I got the review unit of Rapoo C280 Webcam. I’ve used it a couple of times to attend virtual events via Zoom and Skype calls with clients. I also tested it for content creation. Unfortunately, my laptop crashed because of the hard drive and was unable to blog about it immediately. I’ve been meaning to say that I found the final piece of the puzzle in my work-from-home setup.

Since April this year I’ve been in search for a webcam but the ones being sold online are either too expensive or not that good based on the reviews. The one on my laptop is working fine. But because of how I set up everything on my workstation, I am forced to show an undesirable background or remove the cables whenever I need to be on camera during meetings.

I already spent a considerable amount of money for all my stuff, so I had to think hard of buying the expensive ones. But when the Rapoo webcam arrived, I thought to myself, maybe I don’t need to buy one anymore.

Rapoo C280 Webcam has 2K camera resolution
2K camera resolution

Rapoo C280 Webcam Specs

  • 2K Camera Resolution
  • Camera Privacy Cover
  • Built-in omni-directional microphone
  • 360-degrees rotation
  • Compatible with Windows, Mac, Chrome, and Android
  • Plug and Play
Selfie Still Image taken with a Rapoo C280 webcam
Selfie/Still Image taken with a Rapoo C280 webcam

With the 2K Camera Resolution, users are assured of clear videos or imaging. If you frequently use a webcam for online meetings or online learning, you will definitely enjoy the Rapoo C280 Webcam. It’s also perfect for those who do live streaming.

I love the 360-degree rotation of the camera. You can definitely choose your preferred background because you can swivel it anywhere you want. The webcam also swivels up and down, so it’s very flexible.

Of course, the fact that I don’t have to install a software just to make it work is very convenient. In my case, I just plugged in the USB cable to my old MacBook Pro and it’s detected already. I just need to make sure I’m choosing the Rapoo Camera when using Skype, Zoom, or even Quicktime.

I have no problem with the sound as it can pick up my voice very well whenever I talk. Of course, it also picks up other sounds in the background like the vehicles passing by my area, or my cats meowing. If this is your concern, you can use Krisp App – a noise-cancelling software that you can install on Windows or Mac.

Clip Rapoo C280 on your monitor
Rapoo C280 clipped on my LED monitor

Other things I like about the Rapoo C280 Webcam is that it has a base that you can use to clip the camera to your monitor. You can also lay it on a flat platform and adjust accordingly. It also has a screw at the bottom where you can screw in a tripod. Isn’t that convenient?

Rapoo C280 has privacy cover
Rapoo C280 has privacy cover

The bonus part is the privacy cover which you slide over the lens to protect you from hackers who might control your camera and spy on you. Yes, it’s a reality and not just some episode from CSI.

What I don’t like about the Rapoo C280 Webcam? Well, this is nitpicking but I wish that the USB cable is detachable so I can unhook it when I need to pack and bring it somewhere. I know some will have no problem with it and I can live with it. Again, it’s just nitpicking on something that’s already working well.

My Dream Work-From-Home setup
My Dream Work-From-Home setup is now complete

As I mentioned, I finally found the last piece to my work-from-home puzzle. My setup is now complete. Go get yours from Lazada or Shopee. Click here for the direct link to Shopee

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