Capture the Moment with Kata, Manfrotto, National Geographic and Gitzo Products

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With the advent of technology, particularly in digital photography, it’s easy to take a picture of what’s happening around you. Even the simplest mobile phone now comes equipped with camera. But the serious photographer or photojournalist will find it easy to capture the moment with Kata, Manfrotto, National Geographic and Gitzo products.Kata - Manfrotto - National Geographic - Gitzo

Early this month I attended the media launch of Vitec Group’s wide range of products under different labels, aimed to serve the needs of consumers and professional photographers. We were presented with bags, apparel and tripods from Manfrotto; bags from Kata and National Geographic; as well as tripods from Gitzo. They all come in different shapes and sizes that will definitely fit one’s lifestyle.

I saw some of the collections and already fell in love with some of it from the Manfrotto and National Geographic bags because of the casual look. If ever I have a camera, especially the DSLR types, I don’t want anybody to notice that I’m carrying one. The collection definitely meets my requirements.

Of course, the professional photographers will find their needs met with these bags. If I’m one of them and I will have to carry a lot of equipment with me, the backpack types with roomy interiors protected with paddings will definitely be a good choice. Naturally, the other photography equipment from Gitzo and Manfrotto presented during the launch are definite plus in capturing the moment.

Whether traveling, or simply roaming the city, it’s now easier to capture the moment with Kata, Manfrotto, National Geographic and Gitzo Products. All of Vitec Group’s products are distributed in the Philippines by Columbia Digital Star.

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