Get Ready for the Most Reliable Fiber Internet from RED Fiber

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Get ready for the RED Life as RED Fiber highlights its offering of a stable, secure, hassle-free, and most reliable fiber internet. The country’s newest broadband service from Radius Telecoms, Inc. (RADIUS), in partnership with Cignal TV has been changing the landscape of broadband service in the country as it caters to a growing number of satisfied customers in Mega Manila and nearby provinces, Clark, Cebu, and soon in the Visayas region.

In this digital era where being online is every household’s most important lifeline to the world, RED Fiber provides the most stable and reliable high-speed broadband internet service, which is powered by Radius’ 100% pure end-to-end fiber optic network. With this unparalleled internet technology, RED subscribers get to enjoy a life without lags, no service interruptions, no hassles — truly the RED Life everyone needs.

Quiel Delgado, President & CEO – Radius Telecoms talks about the most reliable fiber internet
Quiel Delgado, President & CEO – Radius Telecoms

“The RED Life embodies RED Fiber’s holistic approach to providing the best possible internet service to more Filipinos across the country. From customer inquiries to application processing, to installation and after-sales service, we boast of our 24/7 customer service where we have round-the-clock service specialists who are ready to attend to customer concerns and guarantee user satisfaction. We promise to deliver the RED Life that everyone deserves — a life of seamless streaming, stable Internet connectivity, higher service reliability, and reduced network downtime compared to other providers. RED Fiber offers the RED Life that inspires and empowers our users to explore endless possibilities, with an Internet service that will not disappoint,” shared Radius Telecoms, Inc. President & CEO Quiel C. Delgado.

RED Fiber offers service packages that suit different household needs, including the Internet Only Plans and the Dual Play Plans, with added IPTV content provided by Cignal TV.

“As part of our promise to deliver guaranteed satisfaction to our customers, we are also offering the 90-Day Internet Guarantee program where new subscribers can try our fast and reliable service,” added Delgado. “If the subscriber opts to discontinue the service, they can do so within 90 days without pre-termination fees.”

Robert Galang, President & CEO – Cignal TV & TV5 looks forward to bring the most reliable fiber internet
Robert Galang, President & CEO – Cignal TV & TV5

Cignal TV, Radius’ partner in providing the IPTV channels bundled with the internet, shares the commitment to make RED Fiber the most trusted Internet provider in the country. “As the #1 payTV provider in the country, bringing premium entertainment to our viewers is aligned with our mission. With Cignal TV’s partnership with Radius, we look forward to bringing the RED Life to more Filipino homes,” said Cignal TV and TV5 President & CEO Robert P.  Galang.

Get ready for the RED Life and have your RED Fiber connection installed within three days upon application. New customers will be required to submit at least one valid government-issued ID and one valid proof of billing.

RED Fiber is currently available in select areas in Metro Manila, Laguna, Cavite, Tagaytay, Rizal, and Bulacan. For more details, visit

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