Winner of GNC Burn 60 Challenge overcomes weight issues

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With a lot of weight loss pills sold in the market choosing the best can be a challenge for those who want to shed off extra pounds.GNC, one of the world’s leading retailer of health solutions and weight management products has been helping Filipinos lose weight the safe and healthy way. One of the dietary supplement the store carries is Burn 60, an effective product for all-around weight loss. Burn 60 is specifically targeted to burn calories by up to 60% more as well as boost energy and metabolism. GNC Total Lean Burn 60 Cinnamon Flavored TabletsCush Evangelista can attest to this claim, having won the GNC Burn 60 Challenge. The month-long weight loss challenge was participated by five individuals who went through rigorous exercise activities at Gold’s Gym, supervised by Archie Luna, a qualified fitness trainer. The GNC Burn 60 Challenge winner lost 12 pounds in four weeks.

Having struggled with weight issues for a long time, Cush who stands at 5’6″ in height was at his heaviest weight of 198 pounds. Dealing with obesity, Cush decided it was time to take his health seriously and head to the gym. However, the sales and marketing professional shared “I’ve been working out since April of last year but it wasn’t until the Burn 60 challenge that I, with the help of my trainer, took my routine to another level.” Trying to get back in shape presented a tough but rewarding task for Cush.

GNC Burn 60 Challenge winner Cush Evangelista (left) keeps fit and healthy with the help of GNC and trainer Archie LunaWinning the GNC Burn 60 challenge, Cush takes home a cash prize worth P10, 000 and a renewed self-confidence. He remains driven to keep the weight off. He even lost an additional 3 pounds after the challenge. Cush shares that the secret to making Burn 60 work is proper management, with exercise playing an integral part in helping him accomplish the challenge. “Burn 60 works well if it’s supported with an increased workout regimen,” he says. Aside from engaging in more intensive training at the gym, Cush also made changes in his diet. “Burn 60 is already an appetite suppressant but I also made a conscious effort to take in more vegetables and fruit, and avoiding white carbs.”

Cush also considers his kids as his number one inspiration for losing weight. “Primarily, I want to be healthy for my children,” says Cush, who has two young kids age 12 and 3. “More than just looking and feeling good, joining the Burn 60 challenge is really about me transitioning into a healthier lifestyle. The boost to my self-esteem is just a plus.” Like Cush, you can take charge of your body and get rid of unwanted fat with Burn 60 available at a GNC store near you.

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  1. I lost fat for approximately 4 months and I managed to drop nearly 25 pounds. Then I stalled and in fact, began to gain a bit. I saw this online, Now I realize for sure I will have no problem realizing my goal. Down around 28 pounds in 3 months. I need to lose a little more but I seriously do look and feel far better. I enjoy the compliments and things! I hope this helps.

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