Power Mac Center’s Official Statement on iPhone Battery Servicing

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iPhone battery replacementThere’s been talks about iPhone battery servicing lately. Apple recently acknowledged the power management changes it made on older iPhones which was rolled out starting in iOS 10.2.1. But this drew a lot of negative reactions as this was not clearly communicated to all users.

Responding to the reactions, and as part of the company’s apology, Apple has reduced the price of battery replacements for the iPhone 6 and older models. The discount is effective immediately and available until the end of 2018.

Since we don’t have Apple Stores here in the Philippines, our best recourse is to transact with stores such as Power Mac Center, an authorized Service Provider. Here’s the store’s official statement in reference to iPhone Battery Servicing.Power Mac Center

​​In light of Apple’s official communication regarding the chemical aging issue of batteries on older iPhone units, Power Mac Center, being an Authorized Service Provider, is committed to provide efficient and professional service through a strict set of protocols, which consists of the following:

  • Devices must undergo diagnosis to check the battery condition and other internal and external physical/accidental damage or unauthorized modification that may or may not be visible to the naked eye.
  • If such issues are found, the iPhone will be ineligible for the battery replacement.
  • If, during the diagnosis, we also find other hardware issues, our Apple Certified Engineer will recommend a part/unit replacement accordingly.
  • Customers may or may not proceed with the recommendation, but if they decide to pull out, they have to settle the diagnostic fee if the unit is out or void of warranty. The battery replacement fee is Php1,500 for eligible units out of warranty, inclusive of labor. This price may change due to importation costs and without prior notice.

This is Apple’s current and official procedure in all of their partner service centers and we have to comply with it.

We would like to assure our customers that Power Mac Center Service Engineers are Apple-certified and they take their craft seriously. Whatever they do reflects on the brand so there must be no room for error in such proceedings.

Moreover, Power Mac Center is wholly committed to providing Filipinos the complete Apple experience. Since its announcement two weeks ago, we have successfully replaced the iPhone batteries of over 150 satisfied customers. Should they have further questions, they are free to contact the AppleCare Hotline.

Thank you.


iphone 5sPower Mac Center addressing the iPhone Battery Servicing issue on their end is a proactive move since iPhone users are probably wondering how to go about it. I hope this clarifies concerns that we all have.

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