PHINMA Education Launches New Unified Brand for Two NCR Schools

PHINMA Education, a leading education network in the Philippines, has launched a new unified brand for its NCR schools at the #GritToGlory Partners’ Launch, jumpstarting a campaign highlighting the value of courage and perseverance in the face of seemingly insurmountable challenges. 

During the brand launch held last April 26, 2023, at Light of Love Events Place, PHINMA Republican College unveiled its new name, PHINMA Saint Jude College Quezon City, alongside PHINMA Saint Jude College Manila, the original campus located in Sampaloc, Manila. 

PHINMA Education COO Ana S Chua
PHINMA Education COO Ana S Chua

“We are thrilled to present our PHINMA NCR schools’ unified brand in the launch of our campaign that highlights the virtue of Grit,” said Ana Chua, PHINMA Education NCR schools Chief Operating Officer. “This virtue, which is what we nurture among our students in the new PHINMA Saint Jude College Manila and PHINMA Saint Jude College Quezon City, is one that is reflected amongst our students – young people, many of whom hail from low-income households, coming from all over the country and courageously staking their claim to a better life through quality education in Metro Manila.

“As we continuously expand to new markets, what remains constant is our resolve to deliver our brand of accessible, flexible, and supportive education to more of the underserved market,” Chua continues. “This time, as we establish our presence in the country’s capital, we intend to serve those from humble backgrounds in this bustling, highly-competitive environment, and provide them with equal footing among their peers. That is why our battle cry is Hamon, Tapang, Tagumpay – because we believe that with grit, kasama ang PHINMA Ed, they can.”

Keynote speakers from local government units join the toast with PHINMA Education
Keynote Speakers from local government units join the toast.

PHINMA Saint Jude College and PHINMA Republican College are two of the nine PHINMA Education schools in the Philippines, along with Horizon Education in Indonesia. PHINMA Saint Jude College was acquired in 2017 while in 2019, PHINMA Republican College became part of the network. 

For more information about PHINMA Education and its #GritToGlory campaign, please visit or follow PHINMA Education’s official social media accounts.

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