Seize the Day with HP Ink Advantage Printers

A dog at Paradizoo - Seize the Day - HP Ink Advantage Printer
This dog entertained us as we arrive Paradizoo

With school on the roll, I’m pretty sure schoolchildren are hard at work with their studies and projects. I was suddenly reminded of this when I got invited to Seize the Day with HP Ink Advantage Printers Press Event held last Saturday, July 27 at Paradizoo Theme Farm. I was with the press and fellow bloggers and kids.

We had a brief technology update from HP Philippines’ Ms Tina Santos where we learned about the HP Ink Advantage Printers highlighting the HP Deskjet Ink Advantage 3515, 5525 and 6525. I have to be honest that I haven’t been updated with this technology because I already have a working printer at home. But when I learned that the latest HP printers are integrated with the technology that I currently have, it became interesting. HP Ink Advantage Printers are called multi-function printers. Aside from printing, it can also be used as a scanner and a photocopier. If you consider these functions alone, the technology is nothing new as we’ve had this years back. My multi-function printer has been with me for about 4 years already. But what makes the latest HP printers different is that these are wireless capable and web-enabled printers.

Ms Tina Santos of HP Philippines - Seize the Day - HP Ink Advantage Printer
Ms. Tina Santos of HP Philippines

These printers can connect to the internet through a WiFi. It can also communicate directly with smartphones and tablets, whether it’s powered by Android or iOS. I have an Android phone and an iPad all connected to my WiFi; this is of course, aside from my laptop. Being able to print from my mobile devices without the wires is very convenient, especially when all the USB ports on my laptop is occupied. I also don’t have to power my laptop on if I need to print from my iPad. With my current setup, if I have content in my iPad that I need to print, say a photo, I have to connect my tablet to my laptop, import the content, then print. The HP Ink Advantage Printers saves time and effort. Ms Santos also said printing can be done even if the user is far from the printer. A scenario where you’re bonding with kids, taking photos or similar activity and then immortalize captured moments by printing a copy of the photo comes to mind. Isn’t that genius? Plus the bonding moment goes on uninterrupted.

After the presentation, we learned basic photography as professional photographer Christian Halili conducted a workshop. I have yet to attend a similar workshop, and all I know were gathered from from the web. We learned about basic composition, the rule of thirds, lighting, etc. I sure wish I have a DSLR so I can fully use the knowledge shared by Mr Halili. We all listened intently and asked questions as we learned that there will be a photography competition in the event. We were tasked to seize the moment by capturing images that depicts the theme “Seize the Day” while we go around Paradizoo.

After lunch, we were toured around Paradizoo. We snapped photos of beautiful flowers, animals such as horses, horses, goats, camels and rabbits. Being able to pet and feed these animals is a unique experience.

The day culminated with the awarding of the photo contest. I was so happy to have landed 2nd place for my entry of these camels. My Winning Shot - Seize the Day - HP Ink Advantage It was a fun Saturday for me and it looks like the kids enjoyed the event. One kid that was with us on our way home was clearly delighted. I could just imagine his stories as he arrives home. I’m pretty sure the parents who attended the event went home with the knowledge that there’s a printing technology available today through HP Ink Advantage Printers that can help them with their busy schedules and managing their family.

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