Greenfield District Supports Mandaluyong LGU in Bolstering Emergency Response

Mandaluyong Rep. Neptali “Boyet” Gonzales II last January 28 led the turnover of two firetrucks and five ambulances to the Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP) and several barangays to boost the city’s emergency response.

Two units of 54-meter aerial ladder  were turned over to BFP Mandaluyong during the ceremony graced by Gonzales, his wife Queenie, city officials, and Greenfield Development Corporation’s Chairman and President,  Jeffrey D.Y. Campos, which was held at the Mayflower carpark at the Greenfield District. The five ambulance units worth P2.4 million each from the Department of Health were given to Barangay Addition Hills, Barangay Hulo, Barangay Vergara, Command and Control Center (C3), and the National Center for Mental Health.

Firetrucks donated by Greenfield District was turned over by Mandaluyong LGUThe fire trucks, procured through the BFP through the initiative of Sen. Sonny Angara and Cong. Boyet Gonzales, are capable of responding to fires occurring in buildings as high as 18-storeys while the ambulances are fully equipped with state-of-the art emergency medical instruments. These will bolster the crisis response capability of Mandaluyong City and contributes to the protection of various communities, including Greenfield District.

“We are elated and thankful that, through our continuous efforts and lobbying in Congress, we are finally able to push for these fire trucks and ambulances which will play a crucial role in serving our constituents here in Mandaluyong during times of disasters and emergencies,” Rep. Gonzales said.

GDC lauded Rep. Gonazales, the BFP and the Department of Health for their continuing initiatives in making Mandaluyong City a cradle of progress, good local governance, child-friendliness, and economic competitiveness.

According to GDC’s Jeffrey D.Y. Campos, “We are proud to be a community within Mandaluyong City. We prioritized our development projects here as we have witnessed its transformation as one of the most progressive  residential, business and financial centers in Metro Manila. The recent donation of fire trucks and ambulances is reflective of this.”

Ambulance Units donated by Greenfield DistrictCampos added that the donation will add to the safety and wellbeing of those who live and do business in Mandaluyong, a value proposition that GDC likewise champions in all its developments, specifically Greenfield District, a masterplanned township with eco- efficient and technologically advanced infrastructure.

Building lasting, future-proofed, mixed-use communities has always been at the core of GDC’s business. Since the company’s inception, it has embraced its mantra of “Building for Generations,” as it establishes properties meant to stand the test of time and natural disasters.

The master-planned township also practices periodic emergency response and management exercises in all buildings and estates to protect life, property as well as maintain business continuity. This ensures the immediate response to the needs of the community, with Greenfield District strategically located near hospitals while a fire sub-station and a police station can also be found within the property.

All these developments reflect Greenfield District’s steadfast commitment to promote community preparedness and resiliency against any community hazards, ultimately providing Greenfield residents a safe and well-lived lifestyle.

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  1. This one of the most important thing to recognize.
    A great service for the sake of all.

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