GCash Lets You Send, Receive, and Withdraw Money for Free

GCash appI’ve been an avid user of GCash even before it evolved into what it is now. Initially, I’ve used it to load my prepaid account. I even shared my experience in using it to buy a movie ticket. It’s also one of the payment options I offer in my e-commerce business from 2008 to 2016.

But, it’s not the most preferred option because of the fees involved. Customers would prefer bank transfer or cash during meetups. On my end, despite the convenience, I’d also prefer other options also because of the fees.

The service has evolved now to more than just for buying prepaid load, sending and receiving money. With more offerings such as paying bills, using it for online shopping, for purchases at the mall, and even linked to my Grab app, I am now cashless more than ever.

GCash App Login PageAs for the fees, I’ve embraced the fact that interlinked financial transactions will have fees. I’m no longer bothered with it because the convenience the service offers far outweighs what I have to pay to enjoy it. But of course, for the practical Filipinos, it would be great if the fees could be minimized.

Gcash Mastercard

This is especially true if you’re sending money to your family within the Philippines regularly, and would also have to withdraw cash every now and then. I must admit that despite having a GCash Mastercard debit card, I seldom use it to withdraw money because I try to avoid ATM fees that come with every transaction.

money transfer

A friend also prefers to use other remittance services when sending money because she feels that it’s a cheaper option. This, despite the fact that sending money through GCash to her family in the province is more convenient on both sides. It’s just a good thing that there are various money transfer services made available to meet the needs of every Filipinos.

Mobile Money Transfer

But now, we don’t have to worry about those fees because, for the first time in the Philippines, Filipinos can now transfer and remit money at zero cost — anywhere and anytime within the Philippines! No more high fees for every money transfer transaction and senders and receiver will no longer have to spend on transportation or other related costs.

GCash App, the Philippines’ largest mobile wallet operated by Mynt, made sending and receiving money within the Philippines more convenient, accessible, faster, and totally Free! With a few taps, anyone can enjoy the free remittance service using your smartphone or feature phone.

How You Can Send Money in the Philippines for FREE with GCash

It only takes a few steps and is as simple as 1, 2, 3:

  1. Create an account either through the GCash App or through your Facebook Messenger.
  2. Fund your GCash wallet at any of the 15,000 Partner Outlets nationwide or transfer funds from your bank account to your GCash Wallet,
  3. Tap on the “Send Money” button and follow the steps either in-App or through Facebook Messenger to transfer money at zero cost for both sender and receiver.

instructions to send money via GCash FREEThe money will be instantly sent to the receiver in real time through the App or Facebook Messenger and receivers may choose to remit it anytime at any Bancnet ATM using their GCash Mastercard or remit it over-the-counter during business hours at the nearest GCash Partner Outlets.

This game-changing free remittance service from GCash aims to improve the standard of living of the unbanked Filipinos and foster financial inclusion by providing them with a convenient and accessible platform right at their fingertips.

Access GCash on your feature phoneI’m very much delighted with this new development. As a freelancer, I linked my Paypal to my GCash account which allows me to transfer funds at no cost. After successfully transferring funds from Paypal to GCash, I would then transfer funds to my BPI Account which would cost me Php20. I can now avoid that fee by withdrawing the money on my GCash account using the MasterCard Debit Card.

Sending money through GCash appGCash is really awesome and from experience, they really are the best. Unlike other similar financial services that I’ve tried, nothing compares to what they offer. Aside from turning our mobile phone into a virtual wallet, there’s the GCash app, the MasterCard debit card,  the service can also be accessed using a regular mobile phone with its text-based menu system. They’ve tailored their products and services to Filipinos from all walks of life, and that’s a great thing. So what are you waiting for? Get a GCash account and activate it now.

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