hardtop vs soft top

The Pros and Cons of Having a Jeep Hardtop vs. Soft Top

hardtop vs soft topJust like the wheels on your Jeep, the type of top you choose should depend largely on what you intend to use it for. However, you should know the differences between each type before making a decision.

Pros of Hardtops

While many people prefer the way hardtops look, they also provide many practical benefits including:

  • Durability: The solid construction of hardtops usually allow them to last much longer than soft tops.
  • Insulating: A hardtop is much better at protecting passengers from the sun and wind. They also provide more protection for you and your gear.
  • Customizable: Hardtops allow you to add a roof rack for easy transportation of off-roading equipment.

Jeep with hardtopCons of Hardtops

The two main drawbacks to having a hardtop can be deal breakers for some people. These are:

  • Need to be Stored: A hardtop can’t just be rolled up and tucked. If you want to take off the top, you’ll need a safe place to keep it.
  • Difficult to Maneuver: Removing and replacing a hardtop is at least a two-person job that takes time and can discourage you from attempting it.

Pros of Soft Tops

Most off-roading enthusiasts prefer soft tops for reasons including:

  • Versatility: Easy to remove, replace and store in your Jeep, soft tops allow you to have more contact with your surroundings.
  • Lightweight: Soft tops can be put up or taken down quickly and without assistance if a thunderstorm pops up.

Jeep with Soft TopCons of Soft Tops

While accessibility makes soft tops appealing, it also causes drawbacks like:

  • Increased Noise Levels: The thin construction of a Jeep soft top means a louder drive. If you have a long commute each day, this might get on your nerves.
  • Lack of Insulation: Both cold and warm air will seep more easily into your Jeep which can reduce your comfort level. Extra weight like a heavy snow can cause it to buckle or rip.

Whether you choose a hard or soft top, do your Jeep right. From Mickey Thompson tires to Assault Industries High Clearance Radius Rods, get the brand names you’re looking for from a respected company.

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