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Spring at BAKE Cheese Tart Philippines

BAKE Cheese Tart Philippines Brought Spring at The Podium

Spring at BAKE Cheese Tart The Podium MallI finally tasted the popular BAKE Cheese Tart! Yep, those cheesy treats from Hokkaido, Japan found its way to the Philippine shores. BAKE Cheese Tart Philippines now has branches at the Podium, Powerplant Mall, and a pop-up store at the Mall of Asia. A recent visit at The Podium Mall had me going Japanese with cherry blossom installations that resembles springtime. It’s a perfect backdrop to enjoying a delicious treat.

Aside from the season, spring is also about renewal, resurrection, which I think is more fitting after the Easter celebration. And with Japan being one of the travel goals by every Filipinos, BAKE Cheese Tart is a good introduction to the Land of the Rising Sun that can be visited in 4 seasons – spring, summer, autumn, and winter.

We have young entrepreneurs Larry Tan and Tyrone Ching to thank for setting up BAKE Cheese Tart Philippines. These pastries are a cult favorite in Hokkaido. BAKE Cheese Tart by the 30-year old Japanese bakery, Kinotoya, has a mind-blowing record for globally churning out 35 million cheese tarts per year. It is known as The Best Cheese Tart Ever, with an exquisite blend of four types of cheese—three from Hokkaido and one from France.

BAKE Cheese Tarts on the trayCupped in a double baked crust and baked until it turns a delicate golden brown. The result is a cheese tart that lends a sensational mouthfeel. Served freshly baked from the crust that has crunchy sides, the cheese gently stretches before melting in your mouth. The experience is of a well-balanced cream cheese with a crisp pastry that is just the right ratio to its filling. Satisfied customers the world over has declared its unrivaled quality.

BAKE Cheese Tart enjoyed chilled, frozen, and room tempWe learned that the freshly baked cheese tarts are blast chilled and delivered to all the branches in the world. That means your experience savoring the cheese tart in the country would be the same even if you’re in Hokkaido. Aside from BAKE Cheese Tart Philippines, you’ll also find these treats in Korea, Hongkong, Singapore , Taiwan, Thailand, Shanghai, Indonesia, and Vietnam.

Customers at BAKE Cheese Tart The PodiumBAKE Cheese Tart Founder Shintaro Naganuma, whose family owns Kinotoya, has enforced time and again that passion has allowed them to focus on perfecting the recipe. And with that in mind, I realized that they can’t just let other shops outside Japan to make their cheese tart as that could possibly change the quality that they have already achieved.

Entrepreneur Larry Tan talks about BAKE Cheese Tart

Entrepreneur Larry Tan talks about BAKE Cheese Tart

“The cheese tarts are made of a complex layer of flavors that requires almost artistic detail. BAKE Cheese Tart was born 30 years ago in a Kinotoya confectionary in Hokkaido. From a rich portfolio of Western pastries and sweets, our founder applied a special single-minded approach to mono-producing the cheese tarts for BAKE. The result is a full-bodied but subtle cream cheese filling cupped in a double-baked crust. BAKE Cheese Tart can be enjoyed in four ways: freshly baked, warm, chilled, or frozen,” Tan shared.

A crew preparing cheese tarts on the trayTreading down the unconventional path of producing a single product for a shop, BAKE cheese tart’s mono-product approach has been key to now making it stand as the Japanese innovation that sets the cheese tart craze into motion. Manila is the 9th country around the world to host BAKE cheese tarts. Its outlet at ION Orchard in Singapore reportedly has queuing for about three hours before a customer gets to purchase this savory delight. Within six months of launch in 2016, Singapore had opened a second branch.

The entrepreneurs behind BAKE Cheese Tart PhilippinesSimilarly for the Philippines, there was a clear opportunity to introduce the original cheese tart, says Ching. “We’ve come to observe that Filipinos are adventurous and hungry for global flavors. We believe that Filipinos will like our BAKE Cheese Tart and we want to share this gift with the Filipinos and the rest of the world,” Ching adds.

A box of BAKE Cheese TartIt’s great that now there’s BAKE Cheese Tart Philippines. Enjoying the popular tart is like having a slice of Japan. Me and my family really loved the delicate cheese flavor.I brought home a dozen and in no time, they’re all gone. And although the tarts can be enjoyed in four ways, we enjoyed it chilled because of the cheesecake flavor profile and still be able to taste the pastry.  For more information on BAKE Cheese Tart, visit or connect with the Philippine team on social: Facebook: bakecheesetartph and Instagram: bakecheesetart_ph

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