Cloud 9 Moments are Life’s Winning Moments

At Mount Cabuyao, BenguetWhat makes you feel you’re in cloud 9 moments? When you’re in a state of pure happiness or joy, you know you’re in that moment. Some may include once-in-a-lifetime experiences like finding true love, Others feel it during exciting moments such as meeting celebrity idols or visiting a dream travel destination.

These special events make for unforgettable memories or ‘Cloud 9 moments’ that you celebrate upon and cherish forever. For me, I have made it a point to enjoy those moments, whether big or small. Traveling definitely puts me on a state of happiness. But one of the recent winning moments that put me on cloud 9 is when joined Social Media Academy. It’s an online school teaching social media and related skills.

I did not only learn a lot from enrolling, but I also became part of an awesome community with great people. The learning went beyond the online courses which are equally useful. The interaction and friendship gained through the community are winning moments that I’m glad to be part of.

One of my Cloud 9 Moments is with the Social Media Academy at The Freelance FairAnother winning moment was getting another client in my online freelancing services. This new client acquisition increased my earnings higher than my salary when I was in the BPO industry in 2012. I’m ecstatic!

That sweet taste of victory is a Cloud 9 MomentFor Jack ‘n Jill Cloud 9, these winning moments are worth celebrating. The well-loved chocolate brand continues to encourage everyone to stay optimistic and revel on life’s winning experiences with its ‘Cloud 9 moments’ campaign. On its third year, Jack ‘n Jill Cloud 9 invites everyone to share their personal milestones with the “What’s Your Cloud 9 Moment?” online promo.

Share your Cloud 9 Moments for a chance to win an iPhone and other cool prizesInspire others with your ‘Cloud 9 moment’ and you may win an iPhone X, Go Pro Hero, and other amazing prizes. To join the promo, simply upload a photo or video of your ‘Cloud 9 moment’ on your Facebook account. Include a caption that tells the story behind it, post it with the hashtag #Cloud9Moment, and tag Jack ‘n Jill’s Cloud 9’s Facebook page (@Cloud9Chocolate).

Choose your Clouod 9 moment photo or video

Write about it on your Facebook TimelineCelebrate every winning moment with the rich milk chocolate goodness of Cloud 9 Classic or enjoy the creamy white chocolate taste of Cloud 9 White. Savor your sweet success with the mouthwatering double chocolate treat of Cloud 9 Choco Fudge or bite into a bar of nutty goodness of Cloud 9 Overload.

Make your post publicFind out more about Jack ‘n Jill Cloud 9’s campaign and promo by visiting its Facebook page (@Cloud9Chocolate). Join the “What’s Your Cloud 9 Moment?” promo and start sharing your #Cloud9Moment. Who knows? You might win, and that’s going to be another winning moment.


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