Spread Cheer this Christmas with these Festive Oishi Gift Bags

Filipinos love to share and spread cheer and happiness, especially during this season of giving. Proof of that is the fact that we have the longest Christmas celebration in the world.

From our loved ones to friends, and people with whom we share small moments every day, we try to let them know they matter. We buy gifts for kris kringles, for workmates, family, friends, and everyone in between.

Spread holiday cheer by gifting the festive Oishi Gift Bags in Cuckoo and Weeshee Bags variants! Filled with childhood favorites and new yummy discoveries from Oishi, they are perfect for sharing and munching on during the holiday break. And believe it or not, these festive bags start at just P87! Just head to your nearest supermarkets to buy these Christmas goodies.Weeshee Bag and Cuckoo Bag

To spread more joy this season, Oishi is also giving you discounts when you purchase Oishi Gift Bags online. Get Php 160 off for every bundle of 8 Cuckoo Bags and Php 105 off for every bundle of 8 Weeshee Bags when you check out from Oishi’s official store in Shopee and the flagship store in Lazmall!

Add them to your cart now at Shopee Mall: and Lazmall: The discount is valid until December 31, 2022, so catch them while they are still available!

And because The City Roamer would also love to spread cheers to our dear readers this season, here’s a Shopee voucher code OISHCHCNI which you can use to get 10% OFF storewide until December 31st. That’s an additional 10% discount on top of the discount you’re getting for every bundle of Oishi Gift Bags of Cuckoo and Weeshee Bags.Oishi Shopee Voucher Code from The City Roamer

For more information, visit Oishi Philippines’ Facebook Page:

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