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Auto-Gard Car Care ProductsWhen you seriously care for your car, then you should use Auto-Gard Car Care products. Your car is an investment that should be taken care of and you want it to be in tip top shape. I reviewed the Auto-Gard Paint Protector, Car Wax, Microfiber Cloth, and Premium Chamois which I believe should be in your arsenal.

Even before we got our car last year, a 2015 Honda City, we started buying stuff such as car cover, car mat, and cleaning products. We also had a new gate installed at our place and a roof built over the garage. That’s how excited we are in getting our own car.

Our 2015 Honda CityWhen it was finally delivered, my auntie took upon herself to care for it. She would go extreme, we would kid her that flies would slide away from the car if the insect decides to land, haha! We found out that she scoured for car cleaning products such polishing cloth, glass cleaner, car wax, and many more.

Auto-Gard MIcrofiber Cloth Starter Pack

Green Auto-Gard MIcrofiber ClothUnfortunately, some of the products recommended to her by the sales clerk from the mall were not at par to her standards. It’s a good thing I recently discovered the Auto-Gard Car Care products. We were very satisfied with the Auto-Gard Microfiber cloth which comes in 3s. For only Php88, we get value for money.

Our car was all wet under the car cover
Our car was all wet under the car cover
Using Auto-Gard MIcrofiber Cloth
Wiped the car with Auto-Gard MIcrofiber Cloth
Car is clean with just one swipe of Auto-Gard MIcrofiber Cloth
Clean in one swipe

Recently, it rained really hard that even our car cover was not able to keep the car dry. When it stopped raining, we checked and was surprised that the cover was soaking wet. With one swipe of the Auto-Gard Microfiber cloth, the rain water is gone. It’s soft, very absorbent, and doesn’t scratch the car’s surface. My auntie loves it because it doesn’t leave bits and pieces of the material unlike the ones she used before.

Auto-Gard Premium Chamois Cloth
Auto-Gard Premium Chamois Cloth
Auto-Gard Premium Chamois unfolded
Auto-Gard Premium Chamois unfolded

We also noticed that there’s condensation on the windshield. For a change, we used the Auto-Gard Premium Chamois Cloth (Php174.75) to clean it up. Just like the microfiber cloth, the chamois is also convenient to use. It’s super absorbent, doesn’t get soaking wet easily, lightweight, and I think it’s perfect for glass.

Condensation on the windshield
Condensation on the windshield
clear windshield with just one swipe of Auto-Gard Premium Chamois
Clear windshield with just one swipe of Auto-Gard Premium Chamois

I enjoyed wiping the car that I ended up cleaning it entirely. I wrap it up with a coat of Auto-Gard Carnauba Car Wax (Php149.75 for 250ml) and Auto-Gard Paint Protector(Php189.75 for 250ml). These two products will keep your car looking new all the time. The car wax gives that long lasting shine which, I believe, everyone wants in their ride. The paint protector locks in that high-gloss shine and protects the car finish from harsh elements.

Auto-Gard Carnauba Car Wax
Long lasting shine with Auto-Gard Carnauba Car Wax

Again, my auntie’s OC-ness was met with high marks by the car wax and paint protector. She really wants our car to have that glossy deep shine and these Auto-Gard Car Care products helped us achieve it. And the products are easy to apply. Because of this we decided not to go for car wash service anymore, something that we’ve been contemplating for quite sometime now.

Auto-Gard Paint Protector
Auto-Gard Paint Protector protects the car finish from harsh elements

If you’re serious about caring for your car and wanting to achieve that “like new” look all the time, go extreme and get these Auto-Gard Car Care products. They’re available at Ace Hardware, Handyman, Wilcon Depot, and Truevalue. Lazada Philippines also offers great deals with it. For more information about Auto-Gard and other car-related products, visit Miles and Levels online at or on Facebook


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