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Food Critic for a Day – the Ultimate Taste Test

I experienced becoming a chef for a day at the Magsaysay
Institute of Hospitality & Culinary Arts. Last September 3rd, I
had the chance to be a food critique at the Ultimate Taste Test by Our Awesome
Planet at the Rockwell Tent. A wide selection of food concessionaires were
gathered and lined up to showcase their specialties. It was my first time to
attend such an event, and I have to say I was overwhelmed not knowing how and
where to start.

We arrived at past 11am and the venue is already abuzz with
people and the media. I was with a fellow blogger – Lakwatsera Mom – and I just
followed her cue, moving from one booth to another. Armed with a pen and our “passport”
to rate each concessionaire and the food they served. Pastries, finger food,
dimsum, drinks, pasta, meats and sausages – they’re all under one roof waiting
to be tasted.

While we got to taste the usual stuff like cookies,
cupcakes, and the likes, what I enjoyed was discovering unique food and
flavors. Here’s a glimpse of all the goodness that I tasted. They are my favorite.

Smoked Bangus Quiche – Casa San Luis
Mini Cupcakes – Cupcake Boutique by Klar Joseph

Chocolate Coke Cherry Cupcake – Kiddie Affairs 
Dark Chocolate with Siling Labuyo –
Theo and Philo

Buko Pie Martini – Chef’s Table
Ice Cream – Merry Moos
Cookie Dough Ice Cream – Mochiko
Cupcakes – Baked by Anita

I remember playing a restaurant game on Facebook and one of the food I encountered was quiche. At the UTT, it was my first time to eat one, so the Smoked Bangus Quiche is on top of my list. But aside from eating it first time, it’s also very delicious. The mini cupcakes by Klar Joseph of Cupcake Boutique, are all elegantly arranged and looked posh. I love their Red Velvet. Theo and Philo’s Dark Chocolate with Siling Labuyo is very unique, taking advantage of what’s available in the Philippines — Siling Labuyo. You’ll taste the spice, but nothing hot to the tongue so you have nothing to worry about.

Kiddie Affairs’ Chocolate Coke Cherry Mini Cupcakes looked sinful, but it’s not that sweet and that’s what I love about it. Also, the fact that you get a cherry is a plus for me. There’s no soda taste though. Buko Pie Martini is another unique concoction. I love that it’s runny and that you get the goodness of coconut. The creaminess of ice cream can be found on Merry Moo’s and the unique take on Mochiko’s are what I love about these cold desserts. And lastly, Baked by Anita’s cupcakes has that bite that looked like it’s rice cake. 

You’ll notice that most of favorites are desserts. That’s because I have a sweet tooth. There are more food at the event and the pictures can be viewed on our Facebook Page. I will definitely go back to the next Ultimate Taste Test. I’m sure I’ll approaching my task as a food critic on a different level having experienced it now. Kudos to Anton Diaz of Our Awesome Planet for creating such an event.


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