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Gadget Discoveries at the AstroPlus and OrangeMagazineTV Bloggers Blowout

I was fortunate to have been included in the first Bloggers’ Blowout by AstroPlus and OrangeMagazineTV last September 3rd at the Greenbelt 5 in Makati. I signed up for the “tech” niche, although there were slots for “music” and “movies”. I would have wanted to join all categories, but with the limitations, the gadget geek in me ruled over. The event started at 1PM though the portion for tech bloggers was scheduled at 4PM. I was at the Rockwell’s Ultimate Taste Test but had to leave to be able to attend this interesting event. Interesting because for me, AstroPlus is all about CDs and DVDs, and I’m looking forward to knowing what sort of gadgets they have in store.

When I arrived, the store is full of beautiful people from the blogosphere, some of whom I knew but most of them I met for the first time. The session for movie bloggers is still ongoing and I was able to catch a glimpse of the LG LCD TV playing a 3D video. “That thing is such a beauty,” I said to myself. Although our session did not start on time, I did not notice because there’s enough opportunity to while the time away — eating, chatting and checking out the stuff inside the stores.

Food was served, which all looked delicious. I didn’t bother eating though coz I’m still full from all the food-tasting I’ve done from previous event. All I did was drink iced tea. When the movie bloggers went home, they all went happy with freebies and prizes given away by the store and their partners. That was a peek at what was about to happen in our session.

Indeed, we all had fun as representatives from different brands — Pioneer, Audio-Technica, Monster (Beats by Dr. Dre), Aerial 7, TDK, JAYS, and Wow Videoke — discuss their product offerings. In between, prizes are raffled off or giveaways are handed over. I was fortunate to win an a-JAYS Three earphone which cost P3,599. It was my first time to win in a raffle with that price tag! I’m so happy!

The selection of gadgets presented to us was not the usual. It was my first time to encounter JAYS and Beats by Dr. Dre. They are obviously not your usual consumer brand and based on the price tags quoted by the respective representatives, these gadgets are premium items. Take Audio-Technica, for example. Their product line is used by professional musicians here and abroad. And AstroVision carries them in their stores. I can only wish I have the money to buy them.

Good thing I went home with my own a-JAYS earphone. I will definitely post a review about it. I already took pictures of its unboxing which can be accessed through this link. I also received freebies like a DVD and another earphone. I also learned that we can participate in a bloggers challenge where we stand to win one of those cool gizmos. I will definitely join and talk about that red Beats by Dr. Dre headset.

At the Bloggers’ Blowout, I discovered exciting gadgets that are drool-worthy. I also learned about the wide array of products available at AstroVision/AstroPlus. Indeed, their store is your one-stop-shop destination for all things music, movie and gadgets. Thanks to AstroPlus and OrangeMagazineTV for such a great treat! 


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