Sanofi WeHealth is Peace of Mind for those with Chronic Illness

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Sanofi WeHealthI read about the Sanofi WeHealth program recently and I can say it brings peace of mind for those afflicted with chronic illness and their family. With the scare of Covid-19, going to clinics or hospitals for a regular consultation can be stressful especially for those who are immunocompromised. And with no vaccine in sight, it’s even more concerning and wishes there’s a better way to have medical consultations.

Such concern is shared by family members who care for loved ones who suffer from diabetes, hypertension, or other chronic illness. A few years ago, we learned that my uncle had diabetes. He lives with his family in Oriental Mindoro and would come to Manila from time to time to get medical attention. We wanted him to stay with us in Quezon City so he’d avoid the hassle of going back and forth, but he refused because of his family.

My uncle with his family during her eldest daughter's graduation
My uncle with his family suffered from chronic illness

A year ago, due to complications, he passed away at a hospital in the province. We felt those complications could have been avoided if access to quality medical attention was accessible in the province. There was no pandemic during that time. One can only imagine how worrisome it could be these days if one is sick.

That’s why when I learned about Sanofi WeHealth, I had a certain sense of relief. Not for me and my family as we are no longer concerned about family members with chronic disease, but for friends, acquaintances, and other people who need medical attention these days.

Sanofi WeHealth is caring for your family
Grateful to the Lord that I and my family are not suffering from chronic illness

The WeHealth program is in response to the need of the moment when there’s a pandemic and people are limited to move about due to the pandemic and lockdowns. Advocating for a healthier Philippines, Sanofi created a health ecosystem that aims to deliver health services through the internet. By connecting patients to doctors and healthcare providers through innovative solutions, every Filipinos can get medical consultations anytime or have the much-needed medicines delivered.

Sanofi WeHealth partnered with SeriousMD, AIDE, KonsultaMD, HealthNow, and Medifi as health providers, along with Watson’s and SouthStar Drug as pharmacy chain partners. It is a totally holistic e-Health ecosystem that can be accessed in the Philippines. I got curious and clicked through the information about their WeHealth partners and was surprised to learn that I can actually have physical therapy done in the comforts of my home.

I’ve been thinking of going to the hospital to consult about my aching shoulder but had to defer the visit because of COVID. With AIDE, I can have that consultation now. I realized the program isn’t just for those with chronic illness but also for everyone who needs medical attention. With Sanofi WeHealth, every family can have the care we deserve, chronic diseases, or not.

Caring for your and your family’s health should be a priority and now it’s possible even if you have to endure prolonged quarantines. With the Sanofi WeHealth program, you no longer have to stress yourself out and just access the service that you need all in the comforts of your home. Learn more about the program, visit Sanofi’s website.

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