iPhone Storage Problems Solved with Adam Elements

Adam Elements iKlips Duo+At the 21st Philippine International Hotair Balloon Fiesta, I discovered Adam Elements which allowed me to take tons of photos without having to worry that I might ran out of storage space on my iPhone. I was able to use the iKlips Duo+, which is basically an on-the-go (OTG) iOS storage device. It allows easy transfer of photos and other files between devices. It’s an answered prayer!

I love taking photos using my phone; we all do. But the challenge is that oftentimes, I have tons of files, apps, music and videos saved on my device. I’ve encountered issues where I can’t take a single photo because there’s no more space left on the phone. It’s frustrating when this happens, especially when I’m in the middle of an event coverage.

Selfies at the 21st Philippine International Hotair Balloon Fiesta
People taking selfies at the 21st Philippine International Hotair Balloon Fiesta

Before going to the Hotair Balloon Fiesta last Thursday, I made sure that my phone has plenty of space for taking photos. But nothing compares to the peace of mind that an Adam Elements iKlips Duo+ can bring. I was taking photos and videos the entire day without worry about storage space.Adam Elements

Adam Elements is a technology company specializing in cables, smart health products, and OTG iOS storage units. Premier Apple reseller Power Mac Center recently launched its exclusive partnership with the company at the 21st Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta in Clark, Pampanga. “We Filipinos are massive photography enthusiasts. Whether selfies, documenting our travels or celebrations, we always make it a point to capture great moments and scenes that we almost always max out our phones’ memory capacity. But this problem is instantly solved by the extended storage provided by our new partner Adam elements,” said Power Mac Center Marketing Director Joey Alvarez.

Hotair Balloon Fiesta at Clarkfield PampangaThe annual hotair balloon festival was the perfect launch pad for the product. Featured in the launch are the iKlips Duo and iKlips Duo+ line specifically made for the iOS and Mac market. These portable storage devices allow you to view photos and documents, and playback music, TV series, and movies, with AirPlay support. You can use the iKlips Duo and iKlips Duo+ to back up and manage your files effortlessly, making it easy to share photos among friends after an epic trip.

ADAM Elements iKlips Duo Gold
ADAM Elements iKlips Duo Gold

The products were loaned to members of the media. The beautiful sight of hotair balloons flying and dozens of on-ground activities, the event is the perfect place to test the Adam Elements products’ capability. And it definitely did not disappoint.

My iPhone 5S and the iKlips Duo+
My iPhone 5S and the iKlips Duo+

I highly recommend the iKlips Duo+. It’s small and can be attached to a keychain or simply keep inside the pocket. And with 32GB storage capacity, there’s definitely more than enough extra storage to carry around. It also feels solid, and that says a lot about its build quality.

Using the iKlips app installed on my iPhone, I noticed that I can share the photos from the device to Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. And I love that I don’t need Internet access to transfer files between my iPhone and the iKlip Duo+. That’s actually added security because it means that the data remains safe and secure because it never goes through third party servers.

Adam Elements Cable Line

Adam Elements PeAk cablesAside from the mobile storage devices that we were able to test run, Adam Elements also launched its Apple MFI certified PeAk Cable line made for iPhone, iPod, and iPad. They come in an array of premium colors that complement the sleekness of your Apple devices. They also work with your device’s case just as well, so you never have to take it off.

Adam Elements PeAk Duo cablesPeAk lightning cables are made of high quality nylon fiber with metallic braiding, making them resistant to bending and not easily tangled. The precision cut aluminum connector-shells meanwhile make the PeAk more durable and sturdier than normal lightning cables. In fact, they’re seriously that tough that a one-year warranty is being offered, allowing patrons to get a free replacement should the PeAk cable break.

Completing Adam elements’ roster is the CASA USB Type-C line of cables and adapters perfect for the new MacBook, Chromebook Pixel 2, and the standards of tomorrow. The revolutionary USB Type-C is reversible and supports speeds for quick content transfers on a plug-and-play basis ─ less hassle, more productivity.

The CASA series is built with premium materials and precision engineering, making it great for everyday use and fully compatible to the latest USB Type-C laptops and devices. There’s an extra-long CASA sync and charging cable; an adapter for an external VGA display or projector suited for presentations or extending your desktop to a two-screen setup; and an HDMI adapter to get your sports, movies, music, and TV on an even bigger screen, perfect for sharing experiences.

Health Management Solutions

Adam Elements BF1 Body Fat AnalyzerEstablished in December 2013, Adam elements carries innovative solutions, including health management products. It has the BF1 Body Fat Analyzer, a digital scale that gives accurate weight readings and information on your body mass index, body fat, muscle, and bone mass, body water, and basal metabolic rate.

Adam Elements BP1 Blood Pressure MonitorThe BP1 Blood Pressure Monitor is a smart, portable blood pressure monitor, while the EF1 Infrared Ear & Forehead Thermometer is a digital body temperature thermometer that gives intelligent alerts, personal reminders, and easy-to-read charts for visualizations of body temperature trends. All three devices connect to the free GoHealthy mobile app that will help you get on the right track to a healthier lifestyle.

Adam Elements EF1 Infrared Ear & Forehead Thermometer“Adam elements was born to design practical solutions to modern lifestyle problems. We hope that through our exclusive partnership with Power Mac Center, the Filipino market will experience our mobile accessories designed and perfected with greater stability and a longer lifespan,” said Angela Chen, Adam elements World Wide Sales Manager.

Adam elements products are now exclusively available in select Power Mac Center branches. More information may be obtained at the website or on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram (@powermaccenter).

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  • iKlips Duo 32GB (Grey/Black, Gold/Brown, Rose Gold) – PHP 4,650.00
  • iKlips Duo 64GB (Grey/Black, Gold/Brown, Rose Gold) – PHP 6,700.00
  • iKlips Duo+ 32GB (Purple, Gold, Red, Rose Gold, Black) – PHP 4,450.00
  • iKlips Duo+ 64GB (Purple, Gold, Red, Rose Gold, Black) – PHP 6,050.00
  • Roma USB C to USB 3.0 OTG 64GB Flash Drive (Rose Gold, Grey, Gold) – PHP 3,500.00
  • Peak Duo Braided Cable 20cm (Grey, Gold, Red, Rose Gold) – PHP 1,000.00
  • Peak Duo Braided Cable 1.2M (Grey, Gold, Red, Rose Gold) – PHP 1,390.00
  • Peak Braided Lightning Cable 1.2M (Grey, Gold, Red, Rose Gold) – PHP 1,100.00
  • Peak Braided Lightning Cable 2M (Grey, Gold, Red) – PHP 1,700.00
  • Peak Braided Lightning Cable 3M (Grey, Gold, Red) – PHP 1,900.00
  • M2 Mini Display Port to HDMI Adapter (Silver) – PHP 1,550.00
  • M1 Mini Display Port to VGA Adapter (Silver) – PHP 1,300.00
  • M3 HDMI to VGA Adapter (Silver) – PHP 1,300.00
  • CASA V01 USB C to VGA Adapter (Gold) – PHP 1,950.00
  • CASA H01 USB C to HDMI Adapter (Gold) – PHP 2,100.00
  • USB C to USB Adapter (Gold) – PHP 1,300.00
  • CASA B200 USB C to USB C Cable (Gold) – PHP 1,100.00
  • BF1 Body Fat Analyzer – PHP 6,110.00
  • BP1 Blood Pressure Monitor – PHP 4,650.00
  • EF1 Infrared Ear & Forehead Thermometer – PHP 3,710.00



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