HP Spectre x2 Laptop Will Unleash Your Creativity

The HP Spectre x2 carried by one of the modelsThe HP Spectre x2 laptop is geared to the creative types. This is what came to mind when HP Philippines introduced the most recent device armed with premium design and specs. Stylish, innovative, and exquisite craftsmanship is definitely the highlight of the launch. This was furthered strengthened with the presence of multi-awarded furniture designer Kenneth Cobonpue and Fashion Designer Michael Leyva. And these characteristics are definitely found on the Spectre x2.

HP’s new premium detachable, the Spectre x2, delivers the performance, design and innovation that empower today’s generation of digital creators to inspire the world like never before. Every aspect of the Spectre x2 was designed to push creative boundaries and unlock new opportunities, reinforcing HP’s place at the forefront of reinvention. Bold engineering and cutting-edge design decisions will delight a generation eager to use technology as a canvas for self-expression.

HP Spectre x2 laptop on displayThe HP Spectre x2 laptop is the technology company’s first luxury detachable designed for Windows Ink, delivers it all, including a precise pen experience that was curated by artist community and is sure to stun digital creators. The device truly reinvents the way people design, collaborate, and create.

Kris Seville, HP Philippines Business Unit Manager for PC
Kris Seville, HP Philippines Business Unit Manager for PC

“HP Philippines understands the ever-changing lifestyle trends that influence how Filipinos consume and create different media,” says Kris Seville, HP Philippines Business Unit Manager for PC. “With the latest innovation in the Spectre series, we are giving the digital creator the next-level companion for work and play. The Spectre x2 helps our users push their creative boundaries and tell their story, wherever they may be.”Tessa Prieto-Valdez hosting the HP Spectre x2 launch

Industrial Designer Kenneth Cobunpue
Industrial Designer Kenneth Cobunpue
Fashion Designer Michael Leyva
Fashion Designer Michael Leyva

HP Spectre x2 formally launched

The New Spectre x2: Fueling Creative Aspirations

HP Spectre x2 in tablet mode with kickstandThe HP Spectre x2 laptop brings the performance of 7th Intel Core processors, durability of a stainless steel hinge and ability to create with Windows Ink to a premium detachable PC.HP Spectre x2 keyboard

  • Ink with precision in any mode: The Windows Ink Certified pen is pressure sensitive so emerging artists and creators can produce a wide range of artistic effects, from varying line weights to creating subtle shading and coloring. Additionally, the U-shaped stainless steel kickstand with the ability to function flat and up to 1650 degrees is optimized for inking in any angle, and for any lifestyle, while providing exceptional durability to stand up to everyday use.
  • HP Spectre x2 with Windows Ink Certified PenReinforced design with premium materials: A CNC-machined aluminum chassis and dark ash silver coloring with a copper kickstand provides more durability in each curve and contour for a refined design.
  • Bright, strong display: A brilliant 12.3″ diagonal 3K2K (3000×2000) display with 6 million pixels, bringing HD entertainment to the next level and providing a wider range of ambient light options, giving photographers or graphic artists better screen readability and visibility.
  • Durable detachable keyboard: Providing a strong magnetic force to stay attached in any mode, along with a full-sized keyboard and responsive glass trackpad.HP Spectre x2 (Rear)
  • High resolution cameras: Bringing a 13MP rear camera, 5MP WDR wide-view front camera and an IR camera for Windows Hello biometric authentication.
  • Long battery life with HP Fast Charge: Stay entertained and productive with up to 8-hours of battery life and HP Fast Charge technology moving from 0% battery life to 50% on a 30 minute charge.

With unparalleled performance and impeccable design, the premium PC empowers digital creators and storytellers to push their artistic boundaries. I can imagine myself reigniting my love for drawing and integrating my finished work in what I do on my blog, social media, and photography.

I can’t help but drool at how beautiful it looks. Every inch of the HP Spectre x2 laptop is stunning and will definitely turn heads when you’re working outside the office. But more than the aesthetics, I love that it’s slim and can be converted into a tablet or laptop with just a flick of my fingers.

HP Spectre x2 launched in the PhilippinesI love bringing my laptop with me and one of the things that hinders me to do so is the weight. I find myself feeling tired after lugging it around when going for an event coverage. The HP Spectre x2 laptop is light, but you know it’s a solid beast that will definitely complement my creative work. Starting at PHP 79,990.00, HP’s latest device is definitely one that I’m looking at saving for a purchase one of these days.

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