Holo Foto is Your Holographic Photo Souvenir by 360 Selfie

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Holo Foto by 360 SelfieWhen I saw a holographic photo in my Instagram feed, at the back of my mind, I said: “I want!” It’s cool and really innovative, and that prompted me to want one in my collection. I’m not fond of selfies nor having my photo taken at the photo booth. But because of this, I know I’d line up just to have my own copy to bring home.

Then I discovered that this is called Holo Foto by 360 Selfie. And suddenly I’m no longer surprised. The company has been delivering innovative services for events as I’ve shared in my 360 Selfie blog posts before.

This completes the event experience for guests. The 360 Selfie Video Booth and the GlamShot Video Booth are perfect for posting on social media channels. While the Holo Foto is a cool memento to remind you of a spectacular event that you attended.

Holo Foto by 360 Selfie comes in a customized magnetized Polaroid case. So you can stick it on your fridge, your office cubicle, etc. The photo is printed with a customizable Holo screen which can showcase your logo. I wouldn’t mind bringing home a holographic photo as a souvenir. With the cool effects, I’d gladly display it any which way I can.

For companies out there, 360 Selfie brings you a great way to promote your brand. It’s actually a conversation piece in itself that I’d gladly show off to family and friends because it’s really unique. How’s that for added promotion?

HOLO FOTO by 360 Selfie from Waveplay Interactive on Vimeo.

Holo Foto was enjoyed by guests at the recent E! Bloggers Ball, a perfect place to launch another innovative service. I’m sure this will be very in demand for parties, launches, weddings, and other lifestyle events. Selfie 360 has been the go-to provider for video booth services. I’m sure the photo booth will also be a big hit with this holographic photo souvenir.

The company has successfully revolutionized event video and photo experiences that they ended up with the E! Glam Authority Award during the E! Bloggers Ball. Kudos to the team. Meanwhile, I hope to attend an event soon offering all of 360 Selfie’s services. I want those video shots and the holographic photo souvenir. If you’re interested in this service, you may visit for more info.

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