Discounts Galore at the SM City Sta. Mesa 3-Day Sale

Discounts Galore at the SM City Sta. Mesa 3-Day Sale

SM City Sta Mesa 3-Day Sale

SM City Sta Mesa 3-Day SaleI was present on the first day of the SM City Sta. Mesa 3-Day Sale which got me drooling with a lot of stuff on discounts. I really wanted to be at the mall early to avail the additional 10% discount for those shopping in the first 2 hours of the sale. I missed it unfortunately as I was caught in heavy traffic on my way. I arrived almost lunchtime, so I decided to eat.

I was with fellow blogger Ted Claudio of WazzUp Philippines and we decided to have a quick lunch at Wendy’s. I was so excited to see that the Salad Bar is back and decided to take the challenge of building a salad tower of my own. We learned that the record to beat is 8-inches, which I failed to beat having stacked about 3-inches of salad on the plate. Well, what the heck. I still enjoyed the salad and the good memories when me and my friends in the 90s would troop to the nearest Wendy’s only to feast on the salad.

After the meal, I went on my own shopping spree. That was actually my intention, and I was really bent on getting good deals. I made a quick survey to check what was on sale inside SM Store and the surrounding shops. Then I went to the Men’s Section of the department store hoping to find clothes on sale. I actually wanted to buy myself at least 2 blazers. Unfortunately, the ones available are formal coats and rugged jackets.

Sneakers for less than P500 at SM City Sta Mesa 3-Day Sale Aug 15 2014With the hope of getting my planned purchase close to nothing, I decided to check out the Men’s Shoes section. I found some sneakers for less than Php500.00 and was actually contemplating on getting two pairs. But I realized I have yet to check other shoes so I decided to take a mental note of the really cheap shoes and go around.

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I was drawn to the Converse sneakers on display, with everything on 10% discount. I realized I always wanted to buy a pair of Chuck Taylor and decided to try one on. I immediately sat down to try the shoes on, but as soon as I stood up to walk it out, I had muscle cramps on my hamstring. It was so painful that I had to sit again. It took awhile and I was already taking the bench too long for others to sit and try their shoes on. Eventually, the pain subsided and I was able to try the pair. Thank goodness the SM saleslady was very patient with me. I proceeded to pay for my shoes which I got for P1,665 from the original price of P1,850.Nice discount at the SM City Sta Mesa 3-Day Sale Aug 15

I’m happy I got a good deal with my Chucks at the 3-Day Sale. Hey, it’s not everyday that you decide to buy a pair of sneakers at a discount. And I was hoping to check out the other shoes, including the cheap ones I saw for less than Php500. But I’m too concerned that the cramps would hit again that I decided to go home. I’m feeling better now and I’m really thinking of going back and continue my planned shopping spree. I really want to take advantage of the discounts galore at the SM City Sta. Mesa 3-Day Sale. My Converse Chucks Taylor All-Stars bought at the SM City Sta Mesa 3-Day Sale

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