From Reel to Real Stardom: John Fedellaga, Katkat Manimtim, and Rayt Carreon Want You to be the Next ‘Reelstars’

ReelverseSee personalities that you admire on your Facebook and Instagram reels? What if we tell you that you can be a “Reelstar” yourself?

Meta, the parent company of Facebook and Instagram, is collaborating with Cignal Entertainment and TV5 for an exciting digital entertainment project, Reelverse. This encourages the use of Meta’s Reels feature as an avenue for groundbreaking content transcending genres, age groups, and interests.

Reelverse is an online influencer-driven initiative with two phases – Reelstars, a star search, and Reelserye, a web series that will feature the winners.

Reelstars goes live with known creators John Fedellaga, Katkat Manimtim, and Rayt Carreon. They are our Reelfriends, who are successful Reelstars in their own right.

(From L-R) Reelfriends- Katkat Manimtim, John Fedellaga, and Rayt Carreon
(From L-R) Reelfriends- Katkat Manimtim, John Fedellaga, and Rayt Carreon

John is a comedic vlogger who rose to online popularity for his make-up content and “Beckygle” series on Omegle. Katkat is one-half of the KatNiel love team with Sing Galing’s Singtoker Marc Daniel Bernardo, both dabbling on dance covers and funny skits, while Rayt is a member of the boy group Hashtags, turned actor and recording artist.

Every week, they will announce various challenges for aspiring stars to accomplish through their own Reels. These submissions will help test if participants are capable of shining on their own.

At the end of the competition in October, the top Reelstars aspirants will be revealed – and will get a rare opportunity to star in their own Reelserye. This transmedia journey joins the chosen Reelstars’ experiences and emotions as they navigate their newfound fame, each other’s lives, and the holiday season.

Are you ready to be a Reelstar? Tune in to the Reelverse Hub, every Saturday at 4:00 PM on the official Facebook accounts of TV5, Cignal Entertainment, and Sing Galing for more information.

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