Filipino Alt-Rock Trio of Mercury Tackles the Possibilities of Boundless Love in New Song “Enough”

of Mercury - ENOUGH
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Filipino alternative soul/rock outfit Mercury powers through a kind of love that knows no bounds in their new single “ENOUGH,” out today via Sony Music Entertainment.

Written collectively by the band themselves, the song deals with acknowledging how relationships grow stronger over time when creating compromises and weathering storms as partners and as individuals.

The eclectic trio shares, “ENOUGH was all about the doubt you had in your relationship. It’s a whole cloud of questions in your head where you wonder if you’re worth it to someone knowing the kind of things that you go through as a human. You mess up, you make mistakes, and all the insecurities you have sort of manifest and affect your relationship. But in this bombardment of doubt and struggle, you realize that that person would love you regardless of the mistakes you made, regardless of the things you’ve done. With that kind of love in your life, that is something that you can never get enough of.”

Co-produced by frequent collaborator and former bandmate knōwmaad, “ENOUGH” marks the band’s return to their rock-leaning roots, incorporating a brooding, bass-heavy sound with edgier sensibilities. It’s not as groovy as their previous set of songs, but the track standouts on a production level with darker atmospherics and a trademark cross-genre approach.

The song, which serves as the second track of Mercury’s upcoming EP CHANGIN VOL 3, was conceived during the band’s remote songwriting session in Tagaytay City during the quarantine period.

“After the whole production and writing process, we cleaned up everything and re-tracked vocals and guitars back in the studio. It was a reinvigorating experience.”

of Mercury’s “ENOUGH” is out now on all digital music platforms worldwide via Sony Music Entertainment.

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