Comfort Food and More at Azalea's Tradisyon Restaurant
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Kare-Kare (Php300) at Tradisyon Restaurant
Kare-Kare (Php300)

Comfort Food and More at Azalea’s Tradisyon Restaurant

Tradisyon Restaurant - PInoy Comfort FoodYou’ll find comfort food and more at Azalea’s Tradisyon Restaurant. This is one reason why I was tempted not to leave the hotel and one thing that I’m missing, now that I’m in Manila. When visiting Baguio, make sure to take a trip and dine at Tradisyon. Better yet, stay at Azalea Residences so you’d never miss out on good food at this restaurant.

Enjoy buffet breakfast when you wake up to a cold morning. It’s the perfect way to start your day in Baguio. Tradisyon Restaurant offers a good mix of Filipino and Continental foods for P350 per head, I had my fill of whatever I fancied. I had fried rice with Baguio longanisa, bacon and danggit along with bread, omelet, soup drowned by hot chocolate drink; and this is just for the first day. On my second day, I had fried rice, hot dog, Baguio longanisa and bacon.

Nope, I did not forget my hot chocolate. The 3rd morning was even more festive with pancakes, fried rice with Chicken hotdog, fried fish, bacon, longanisa and some veggies. It was capped by sliced fruits and hot chocolate. And this is just for breakfast.

We accidentally skipped lunch on our first day as we all dozed off through late afternoon. But during our second day, we feasted on New Orleans Baby Back Ribs (Php250), Kare-Kare (Php300), Callos Madrilena (Php280) and Southern Fried Chicken (Php220). In between bites, we sipped on Mango-Strawberry Shake (Php160).

I love the barbecue flavor of the baby back ribs with the tender meat that would easily fall off the ribs with a slight poking. I enjoyed the aroma and taste of Kare-Kare with the generous serving of vegetables and huge slices of meat. The beef tripe used on the callos dish melts in my mouth. I also loved the crispy in the outside, yet juicy on the inside fried chicken. As you can see, I had nothing that I didn’t like. Kare-kare is the winner for me though. And of course, the refreshing shake. I love strawberries and would rather have it over mango, but the Mango-Strawberry Shake is a true winner. No wonder it’s Tradisyon Restaurant’s best-seller.

We were fortunate to have stayed at Azalea when the restaurant was having its Pizza and Pasta Dinner Buffet. For only P350 per head, one can indulge in the many food selections available. My companions had their pasta cooked, I opted to get what’s available on the buffet table instead. There’s Caesar Salad to get me started. Then I had Baked Macaroni, Vegetable Lasagna and Penne Pasta for my carbs. I grabbed slices of Hawaiian Pizza, Chicago Pizza and Margarita Pizza.

I highly recommend the Vegetable Lasagna. Despite being a meat lover, I really enjoyed the dish because of the crisp and sweet vegetables that complimented the cheese and tomato flavor. As for the pizza, I suggest you grab the Chicago and Margarita Pizzas. Both are filled with toppings and tasted really delicious. Our perfect dinner ended on a sweet note with Tiramisu.

Savor these delicious food in a comfy atmosphere. Tradisyon Restaurant is spacious, with enough room to move about even during busy times. I love the bright daylight coming in during the morning with a nice view of the mountains. The mood changes to a more formal vibe in the evening. The staff are also very helpful and ready to serve with a smile.

Enjoy comfort food and more at Azalea’s Tradisyon Restaurant. I’m sure the restaurant has more to offer that we have yet to experience. I’ll definitely go back on my next trip to Baguio City.

Comfort Food and More at Azalea's Tradisyon Restaurant
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Comfort Food and More at Azalea's Tradisyon Restaurant
Dine at Tradisyon Restaurant, Azalea Residence's in-house restaurant. From your usual comfort foods and other food offerings, everything is just so good that you'll end up staying at the hotel while in Baguio City.
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