Tips How to Get to Your Destination Safe and Secured

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Keep in mind to get to your destination safe and secure whenever you're on a road tripGet to your destination safe and secured. That’s the first thing that comes to mind whenever we do road trips, me and my family. And to make sure we accomplish that, my cousin and I would check Google maps days before the actual trip. Because I don’t drive, I’m usually the navigator.

We love long drive. It’s truly an escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. The open road, very minimal traffic, and the new sights we get to see along the road. Plus the stories and memories we share that we never get to do regularly.

But while weekend travelers, adventure junkies, and daily commuters have maybe perfected the road trip and weaving in and out of traffic, not everyone has their road safety skills down to a T. Are you making the necessary precautions when behind the wheel? Do you drive with focus at all times? Are you insured? Regardless if you’re cruising down the highway or rushing to the airport to catch a flight or trapped in a traffic gridlock on the way to work, your top priority is how to get to your destination safe and secured.

Here are some tips how get to your destination safely:

1. Wear your seatbelt at all times

Wear a seatbelt so you get to your destination safe (seatbelt-Image by cfarnsworth from Pixabay)Whether you’re the driver or passenger, whether you’re riding a private car, a PUV van, or taxi, whether you’re driving to a nearby store or going on a road trip, you must buckle up. Every time. It seems so elementary, and you’ve probably read this a hundred times, but seatbelts save lives.

No matter how expert the person is in driving, make it a habit to wear our seatbelt. It’s the first thing you should do as soon as you enter the car so you get to your destination safe. Several times I encountered a driver making driving errors like not seeing a hump or suddenly stepping on the breaks. It’s a good thing I was wearing seatbelt or I would have sustained bruises. Of course, not wearing a seatbelt is against the law, in case you don’t know.

2. Get insurance for yourself, not just your car

Here in the Philippines, people buy insurance for their cars but not for themselves. If it’s necessary to insure your car, what more your life and your family’s future? On top of being a safe and careful driver, you need to protect yourself from accidents, too. Road safety begins with the protection of life. Life insurance protects you and your family—whether it be on the road or on the curbside. Just like a car insurance, life insurance provides a cash benefit, right when you or your family need it the most.

asian family traveling by car

Just in time for the holidays, FWD Life PH (FWD), part of pan-Asian insurer FWD Group, is providing accident insurance with Php500,000 coverage to the first 500 registrants. To sign up, go to

This is to celebrate FWD’s fifth anniversary as well as its recent history-making partnership with MCX Tollway, Inc., which elevates the expressway as a symbol of the nation’s “road to progress.” Used by more than one million cars a month, the FWD-MCX has shortened what was once a 20-minute drive from Daang Hari road to SLEX to only a three-minute journey.

3. Observe speed limits

The World Health Organization (WHO) identifies speeding as one of the main problems that contribute to the risk of crash-related injuries in roads. Local government units have enacted their own speed limits depending on the road and traffic conditions in their areas. On the other hand, speed limits for private cars in expressways here in the Philippines is from 80 to 100 kph.

4. Put your phone on silent mode and use hands-free accessories

Stop using your phone while driving so you get to your destination safeIt’s almost second nature to check our phones, especially when we hear it ring. But taking your eyes off the road for five seconds can already put your life and the lives of others in danger. So put your phone on silent mode if the notifications are too tempting or distracting. If you need your phone to navigate, get a hands-free mount so you can hear directions and see the map in your peripheral vision. Even better, have somebody take care of your phone, which is exactly what we do when driving.

5. Stay alert

It’s vital to stay alert while driving. Focus your senses on visual and auditory cues on the road—from horns and sirens to road signs and signals. Never wear headphones while driving or anything that will block your hearing. If you need to drive with the music on, just let it play inside the car.

6. Don’t drink and drive

don't drink and drive so you get to your destination safe If you plan to drink, designate a driver who won’t drink. Or spend the night getting sober before you drive. Good thing me and my family are just occasional drinkers. But if you enjoy drinking alcoholic beverages, make sure you don’t drive or you have somebody to drive for you that’s not drunk.

7. Pull over!

You dropped something you needed under your car seats. You have an emergency call you need to take. Your pet on the backseat is acting up. Your baby is bawling. If there’s something going on that’s more important that you need to attend to, stop driving. Find a safe and proper spot to pull over and park in order to address the situation. If you’re having car trouble, pull off the road as far as possible.

family-Image by Gerd Altmann from PixabayTake care of the things you need to do to be safe and secured. Not just for you but for the entire family. Want to know more about FWD-MCX? Visit Sign up and be one of the 500 to get accident insurance. Go to and so you can ensure that you get to your destination safe and secure whenever you’re on the road.

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