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Learn from the Experts at Khoa Bui’s 2nd Internet Cashflow Mastery

Do you want to earn extra cash while you do your regular work? What about earning it while you’re traveling or even sleeping? That’s what you call passive income and I have been trying crack the code to make that happen. I do have big dreams, like having my own house, traveling, buying the latest gadgets and a TAG Heuer.  That’s why I’m attending the workshop, the 2nd Internet Cashflow Mastery.

Happening on March 9, 2013 at the WorldWide Center Shaw Mandaluyong’s The Vista Learning Center, the 2nd Internet CashFlow Mastery workshop will be led by Khoa Bui. The event will also feature Janette Toral, Jay McLean, Eden Dayrit, DJ Dimaluat and Vonj Tingson. That means workshop participants will be able to learn from the experts. I am familiar with Janette Toral and I know she has the experience, knowledge and expertise on e-commerce which, from my understanding, is a big part of achieving successful passive income.

I am aware that Khoa Bui is an accomplished entrepreneur himself. He established River Designs, a web design company for small businesses. He has also worked with multi-million dollar clients all over Australia and is an author of several books. The media has caught on Khoa Bui’s success and featured him on TV, radio, newspapers and magazines. I want to learn what he did to achieve his success in creating passive income through the 2nd Internet Cashflow Mastery workshop.

2nd internet cashflow masteryIf you’re like me who seeks to earn extra cash aside from the usual source of earnings, attend the 2nd Internet Cashflow Mastery workshop. There’s definitely a lot to learn. Check out some of them:

  • How to Generate Passive Income Online
  • How to Build an Online Business
  • How to Market Your Company Successfully
  • The Keys to Generating Cashflow Online
  • How to Build Your Own Digital Produts and Sell Them
  • How to Market Your Real Estate Business
  • Marketing Techniques for Real Estate
  • How to Build a Stable Online Business
  • How to Get to #1 on Google
  • How to Create an Awesome Blog Site
  • Avoid Mistakes and Pitfalls
  • Learn the Mindsets of Experts
  • Produce Income from Your Website
  • Master the Art of Online Cash Flow

Visit www.cashflow-mastery.com or send a text message to 0905-2888-727. Or 565 8851 and 0917 2433920 for more information about the 2nd Internet Cashflow Mastery Workshop. Also check out PMCM Events Management Facebook Page.




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