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Watch Out for the Grown-Up Maria Laroco

A grown-up Maria Laroco performs during her homecoming event

A grown-up Maria Laroco performs during her homecoming eventShe’s the grown-up Maria Laroco, formerly known as Giedie Laroco from The Voice Kids. That’s my impression while covering the homecoming event of the young singer who recently headlined The X Factor UK Season 15. She’s more confident, and even sings better now compared to when she was a kid.

She’s finally home following week after week of sensational acts on The X Factor UK Season 15 which aired exclusively on Blue Ant Entertainment. The budding superstar shared some of her biggest moments at a press event held at the Brickyard, Quezon City, where she also gave a special homecoming performance of her winning songs.

“My entire experience has been overwhelming,” Laroco said. “I’ve always wanted to sing at the X Factor UK. It’s my biggest dream, and being able to join the contest is already a huge achievement for me. I’m very happy to be given a chance to perform in front of the British audience, and especially Simon Cowell.”

The 17-year-old first made headlines when she wowed all four judges and the audience at the Wembley Stadium with her stunning rendition of Prince’s “Purple Rain” during the live auditions. “I still couldn’t believe that I got four yeses from the judges. It was very surreal! I never expected to get a standing ovation from these really big people,” Laroco said about her audition.

Maria Laroco won a spot in the Six Chair Challenge with Whitney Houston’s “Queen of the Night” that left international star maker Cowell wide-eyed with excitement. She almost lost her seat to another contestant but was called back amidst popular demand from the crowd. The teen singer had to fight for her place once again when Cowell asked her to do a sing-off with another contender. It was a tough moment, but she managed to pull through by singing her audition piece, “Purple Rain.”

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“That, vocally, was just like a different class,” The X Factor UK judge and One Direction member Louis Tomlinson couldn’t help but exclaim afterward. Cowell was convinced and decided to keep her among the final six contenders under the “Girls” category.

The X Factor UK contestant shared how proud she was to be one of the many Filipino participants who won hearts from fans both in the UK and around the globe: “It feels incredible to represent our country,” Laroco said. “This contest really gave me an opportunity to raise our flag and show how talented Filipinos are.”

Maria Laroco also expressed her heartfelt gratitude to all her supporters at the X Factor UK. “I wouldn’t make it this far without everyone who cheered for me. Thank you so much for believing in me,” the young talent said. “I’ve learned a lot from the competition, and I’ll continue to work hard to make my dreams come true. Please continue to support me. I promise to have more in store for all of you in the future.”

Maria Laroco is a better singer now compared to her The Voice Kids performancesAlthough she’s already home, The X Factor UK S15 continues every Sunday and Monday, 7:55PM (6:55PM JKT/BKK), same day as the UK, first and exclusive on Blue Ant Entertainment, available on SKYcable channels 53 (SD) and 196 (HD), SKYdirect channel 35, Destiny Cable channel 53, and Cablelink channels 37 (SD) and 313 (HD).

The press interviews Maria LarocoThere’s a lot in store for the young singer. Although she’s unable to divulge her next move, it’s apparent that she’s here to stay in the Philippine entertainment scene. Judging from her performance at the homecoming, everyone should watch out for Maria Laroco.

Watch Out for the Grown-Up Maria Laroco
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Watch Out for the Grown-Up Maria Laroco
The Philippine entertainment industry will see a grown-up Maria Laroco, far from her image back when she competed in The Voice Kids.
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