Why I want an OPPO F1s

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OPPO F1s - Selfie ExpertI’ve heard a lot of good things about the OPPO F1s from blogger friends who attended the phone manufacturer’s events. Although satisfied with my current smartphones, I still can’t ignore the positive feedback. Curious to know what this new phone has that my 2 phones doesn’t, I checked out some reviews. Let me share with you why I want an OPPO F1s.

Yep, the promise of 16MP front-facing camera is desirable, but I’m going beyond that. Don’t get me wrong. Of course, it’s great that OPPO F1s has a selfie cam with high megapixel count. But I’m not very much of a selfie guy. If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you may have noticed that there’s very few photos of me. When I’m looking for a smartphone I don’t just look at the camera.

OPPO F1s has 16MP front-facing camera
OPPO F1s has 16MP front-facing camera

Of course, the 3GB RAM and octa-core 64-bit processor fitted in OPPO’s latest selfie phone. This feature means I can run lots of apps all at the same time and the phone won’t cry. As a blogger and social media guy, I use my phone all the time both for work and play. Imagine being able to take photos while covering an event, checking social media monitoring tools in between and posting updates as well. I can’t afford lags and I have a feeling that won’t happen with this phone by OPPO.

OPPO F1s has 3GB RAM and octa core 64-bit processor

But there are two things that really caught my attention. First is the two 4G SIM slots and additional memory card slot. This is great news because I don’t have to choose between which network to use, unlike other thin phones that features a hybrid SIM tray. But it gets better because I can increase my phone’s memory with the memory card slot which supports up to 128GB storage. Not that the F1s internal storage is not sufficient. With 32GB ROM, there’s lots of space for my apps, movies and photos.

OPPO F1s has Triple Slot Tray Dual SIM and Individual SD slot

The second feature that made me want an OPPO F1s is the fast fingerprint scanner. The experience with my current smartphone fitted with a fingerprint scanner is not such a pleasant one. It’s slow and irritates me a lot. A fingerprint scanner is definitely nice to have on my phone, and F1s’ 0.22s Touch Access is giving this feature much-needed improvement.OPPO F1s has fast fingerprint reader

The OPPO F1s definitely has the features that I want. The selfie phone might even actually turn me into a selfie expert. Visit OPPO’s website for more details about this phone.

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