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An Adventure at the Zoobic Safari

A Tiger at Zoobic Safari's Savannah

One rainy day of August I roamed Subic with other bloggers and we had an awesome adventure at Zoobic Safari. The last time I visited a zoo was when I was still a kid. That was a loooong time ago.HAHA! We were supposed to go to a beach but because it was really pouring hard, we found ourselves at this zoo.  Prior to entering the areas where the animals are, we were first given an orientation by our tour guide. It was raining so we only have a few attractions to experience that day — the Serpentarium, Tiger Safari and Croco Loco. We were also treated to dances by the Aetas. Then we proceeded to a cave where snakes and other reptiles are housed — the Serpentarium. It was dark inside and the only source of light are those that lit the animal’s habitat. It was kinda warm too although ...

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Get Out More – BPI Knows You Deserve It

Top 7 Philippine Destinations - Get Out More - BPI

I’m sure you were able to catch this BPI TVC even once at least. It’s one of those commercials that hit me simply because I can relate to the main character’s dilemma. When we’re out of budget, despite our longing to travel to different places in the country, we simply had to excuse ourselves from any invitation to join. For the longest time of my life, I simply had to say “No” even if my heart is saying “Yes” because I have more pressing matters to attend to as far as finances are concerned. You see, early in my working life, I am already tasked to have a share on family expenses which includes sending a cousin to school, rent, utilities, etc. As young professional, I wanted to go out more and get more out of my earnings. From time to time, I’m able to go out, but not as ...

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Wok The Walk – the Old Manila Walks

Old Manila Walks

Summer is not yet over despite the recent typhoon that hit us. Not if we can help it. We’ve experienced some rain showers in the past days, but I’m pretty sure we still have plans set for the days to come. If you’re in for something different, you should try the Old Manila Walks‘ Binondo Food Wok. The Binondo Food Wok is actually a walking tour of Binondo — the country’s China Town. You say it should be “walk” and not “wok”? Wait a minute. There’s something in there that you should know. This is not just your ordinary walking tour. Aside from visiting key places, you also get to enjoy delicacies that makes it a unique experience. That’s right, you eat while you walk. I joined this tour way back in 2007 with some of my colleagues. This was sort of a team building activity as we end an ...

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One Summer Escapade at the Coffee Farmhouse

The Coffee Farm House

The temperature keeps getting higher. The El Niño phenomenon has taken center stage in the news once again. There’s no denying, summer is here. Pretty soon, we’ll all be clamoring for that summer escapade. Let me share some of my previous summer experience. Let me start with… The Coffee Farmhouse The name says it all — a coffee farmhouse.But the place is more than just a farmhouse. Yes, it has a bed of coffee bushes, but it offers more.It’s one great summer destination that can be all yours, even for just a moment in summer. Quietly nestled in peaceful Tagaytay, the Coffee Farmhouse offers a homey atmosphere. It’s like living in your own rest house. You can stay in the main house or in one of its guesthouses. These accommodations can house guests whether big or small. The rooms are well-ventilated and equipped with beds that will make you sleep ...

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