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A Tiger at Zoobic Safari's Savannah

An Adventure at the Zoobic Safari

One rainy day of August I roamed Subic with other bloggers and we had an awesome adventure at Zoobic Safari. The last time I visited a zoo was when I was still a kid. That was a loooong time ago.HAHA! We were supposed to go to a beach but because it was really pouring hard, we found ourselves at this zoo.

Zoobic Safari Pavillion

 Prior to entering the areas where the animals are, we were first given an orientation by our tour guide. It was raining so we only have a few attractions to experience that day — the Serpentarium, Tiger Safari and Croco Loco. We were also treated to dances by the Aetas.

Then we proceeded to a cave where snakes and other reptiles are housed — the Serpentarium. It was dark inside and the only source of light are those that lit the animal’s habitat. It was kinda warm too although there are industrial fans blowing the wind away. Because I was sweating, I missed the opportunity of holding an Albino Python. I was quite concerned that the snake would react as it slide on my arms. Too bad. 🙁


Then we went out to ride the Zooper Train which took us around Zoobic to our destinations.

Zooper Train at Zoobic Safari

I was hoping to take on the zip line of Sky Safari, but it was raining. We simply passed by it and the Butterfly Garden.

We had a close encounter with Bengal and and Siberian Tigers. Then we had our Tiger Safari Ride and fed a tiger. You have to pay for the chicken that will be fed though, at P200 I think.

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Our last stop was at the Croco Loco where some bought chicken to feed the crocodiles. I think it cost P50 per leg.

I would love to go during summer or anytime it’s not raining. I read somewhere that there’s more attraction that can be enjoyed. A Zoobic Day Tour cost P495. I learned that they offer a shuttle service from Manila which is perfect for group tours. Check out their contact information from their website by clicking here or LIKE them on Facebook for more details.

Photo Op with the Tiger at Zoobic Safari

Photo courtesy of The Juan Traveler



  1. The last time I went to a Zoo was ages ago. LOL Seems a nice zoo to visit.Gusto rin makasakay dyan sa Zooper train.

  2. Scary snake, the Albino phyton ,reminds mo of one of my post , Snake cake, kaparehong kapareho nya yung cake. I am really snake of snakes, one time we had a long snake outside of our done, when my son opened it. Good thing ,the snake ran away .

  3. I’ve never been to a zoo, after reading this post I think I should visit one soon, that pic with a tiger’s really cool! 🙂

  4. Sir Alwin love your adventure there, I like it! Yung Tiger na pinapadede….ay ang cute. Even their ZOOPER TRAIN super LIKE!

  5. I’ve been here as well with my family, courtesy of my brother. We had fun because the children did but we didn’t have the chance to feed the tiger.

  6. I’ve been here once and not much had happened. Still I would like to go again with my family in here.

  7. I was also able to visit Zoobic Safari and I love the terrifying experience of feeding the tigers. They are so agile when it comes to chasing foods. Some would even jump on top of the ride.

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