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Top Cities in Europe to Travel With Your Parents

Top Cities in Europe to Travel Around With Your Parents

Travelling with your parents is a great way to really strengthen your relationship, and spend some quality time while exploring the best that the world has to offer. However, some destinations are better than others when it comes to what everyone will enjoy, so it’s essential to bear this in mind before you start making any bookings! Here are the top cities in Europe to travel around when you’re overseas with your parents.

Picturesque Paris

Top Cities in Europe to Travel With Your Parents - Paris There’s so much to see and do in Paris that your greatest challenge will be deciding where to go first! Experience luxury shopping along the Champs Elysees, climb the iconic Eiffel Tower and go for a scenic cruise on the Seine to start your Parisian adventure. Coffee and croissants in a quaint café provides a great excuse to rest, before continuing your tour of this incredibly diverse city.

Top Cities in Europe to Travel With Your Parents - Louvre For the culturally inclined, a visit to the Louvre is an absolute must. Paris truly has something for everyone, with food, fashion, wine, history and architecture all waiting to be discovered by the eager traveller. Don’t miss the opportunity to explore this amazing city with your parents, and have the experience of a lifetime together.

Explore Edinburgh

With a rich history and dramatic landscape, Edinburgh is a great place to explore with your parents. The turbulent history of this beautiful city is one which draws many people from around the world. Edinburgh has managed to evolve into a thriving and vibrant city without losing touch with the history that shaped so much of its culture and unique charm. The magnificent castle provides a wealth of cultural and historical stories, as well as stunning architecture, so spend a day exploring one of the best tourist attractions in Scotland.

Top Cities in Europe to Travel With Your Parents - EdinburghAnother star attraction is the beautiful Royal Botanic Gardens just off Princes Street. A spectacular array of plants, trees and wildlife span the 31 hectares of land, making this a wonderful place to pack a picnic and take a day to wander through the rich display of flora and fauna. Edinburgh is also one of the only cities with an extinct volcano within the city limits, so if your family is the active type, take a walk up to Arthur’s Seat.

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The magnificent views will definitely make the walk worthwhile, and you’ll feel on top of the world as you perch on the highest of Edinburgh’s seven hills. Once you’ve finished exploring, you and your parents can enjoy a ‘wee dram’ of scotch and a traditionally hearty dinner around the fireplace in one of Edinburgh’s many welcoming pubs.

Vibrant Venice

Top Cities in Europe to Travel With Your Parents - Venice The flair and character of the local people provides an unmatchable atmosphere in this breathtakingly beautiful city. Venice is characterised by its unique canals, so it’s no surprise that some of the best parts of this stunning city should be seen by boat. As the pinnacle of European river cruising, Venice allows you to get up close and intimate with the city that so many tourists flock to see. The key to getting the most out of your Venetian experience is to look beyond the crowds, seek the roads less travelled and see Venice from the perspective of its local people. Then, it is guaranteed that you will fall in love with this amazing destination.

Top Cities in Europe to Travel With Your Parents These stunning cities provide the perfect mix of adventure, history, culture and relaxation to ensure that you and your parents get the most out of your European trip. Cruise through the beautiful city of Venice, fall in love with Edinburgh’s rich history and experience the charm of Paris in an adventure that your family will never forget.

Emma Jane loves traveling and takes her family with her to share her experience. She enjoys writing for families who struggle to figure out what to do and when to do it. Currently Emma is in Sydney planning her next big family adventure.

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