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The Fight Against the Big C

Last night I received an email from a customer. She apologized for taking time to get back to me and pay for the remaining balance of her order. She shared that she was diagnosed with breast cysts. I was saddened by the news. These kind of information affects me greatly because my mother also went through a similar ordeal.

Mom at work

In the late 90s, my mom felt a lump in her right breast. As the breadwinner in our family, she ignored it for sometime then decided to have a check up at the East Avenue Medical Center. But the first time was not such a pleasant experience. She was told that she has to be re-examined. Just like everybody else, she was worried. Worried about the results, but I think even more worried that she had to skip work. The doctor’s reply scared her away and the test was never completed.

Eventually, she had to go under the knife at the Philippine General Hospital. At that time she already succumb to stage 3 cancer. The attending surgeon told me that they saw a swollen lymph node near her armpit indicating infection. I was told that the cancer cells could have already spread throughout her body. She went through cobalt treatment. We were told that she no longer has to go through chemotherapy because of her age. She was in her 50s at that time. Apparently, women’s metabolism slows down as they age, hence, the cancer cells won’t be that active as compared to a younger lady.

In December 2002, we were told that her cancer metastasized to bone cancer. No wonder she would be in so much pain prior to the diagnosis. She took a lot of medications, including morphine, to alleviate the pain. Her health deteriorated because she couldn’t eat well. Her food choices were very limited. Then she gained weight in 2004 and was relatively healthy if not for her actual condition. She was able to move about and even visited relatives in Bulacan. Everything looked normal. Then she passed away December of 2005.

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About 6 months before that, she had a tooth extracted. She’s been complaining of pain in her gums and thought it was caused by her tooth. Apparently, her illness is already on its advanced stage. She was inflicted with gum cancer. Her health went to a downhill. She can’t eat much, causing her to lose a lot of weight. At the latter part of 2005, she was already bed-ridden until she passed away. That was 5 days away from my birthday.

Losing her was difficult, but still I was thankful because I know that she went to heaven that day, and she no longer have a deformed face and an aching body. I know that she’s free to move about and run to her heart’s content. And someday, I will be seeing her again.

Stand Up To CancerI hope someday that the cure to cancer be discovered. I know that scientists and medical professionals are still in research, but I hope that their efforts won’t be put to waste. There are several organizations supporting cancer research. One of these is Stand Up to Cancer. It is a movement to attack cancer once and for all by pushing promising scientific breakthroughs to the finish.

Help me support this cause by joining SocialVibe. Click on the widget at the right panel to get started. This won’t cost you a thing but just a few minutes of your time. Consider it time well-spent.

As for my customer, I offered to refund her initial payment thinking that she might not need the bag after all. I felt that’s the best thing that I could do for her. She insisted and even paid for the bag. “I’m okay now”, she said, and I’m thankful that she has decided to go on with life. But I’m praying for her healing and that things would turn out well for her.

Do you know anybody with cancer? Maybe you can share their name or condition here. Let’s pray for them. Together let’s lift their conditions to the Lord.


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