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Teleperformance Philippines GroceRush event

Teleperformance Philippines Attracts Young and Hip Talents

TeleperformanceTeleperformance, the global leader in outsourced omnichannel customer experience management, continues to attracts young talents through fresh recruitment strategies in the Philippine talent market. One of the tactics that Teleperformance Philippines has found to be effective is competitive recreation activity, which attracts interest and adds an element of fun and excitement to both the applicant journey and the new hire experience.

A good example of this is the recently concluded GroceRush promo, which offered successful hires a chance to become a contestant to an exciting shopping game. As part of the GroceRush mechanics, new hires during the promo period were automatically entered in a raffle where contestants were randomly picked to participate. The contestants were given ten minutes to shop at S&R membership shopping store,and fill up the shopping cart without going over a budget of P20,000. Successful contestants got to take home the items that they shopped for, while those who went over-budget were instead given a P3,000 gift certificate.

Teleperformance Philippines The Great GrocerushHeld annually for the past three years, GroceRush has proven to be a high-energy and exciting event. There were lots of jumping and shrieking and nervous laughter as contestants watched the cashier ring in their shopped items one by one. There were people who came with a strict game plan and went for the big ticket items. There were those who went by the seat of their pants and grabbed their favorite brands. There were even those who thought of their family business and got a refrigerator or laundry powder in bulk.

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The experience is unforgettable for the new hires, majority of whom are millennials who get to appreciate the unique welcome that differentiates the TP employee experience from the rest. This culture of fresh and hip engagement is sustained and built upon throughout the employee life cycle – with team-building activities, rewards and recognition events, volunteering opportunities, and other engagement activities.

Grocerush Metro Manila Leg

Grocerush Metro Manila Leg

This comprehensive management of the employee experience has helped TP become the first company in the country to be certified as Great Place to Work. As a leader in the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry in the country, TP employs around 44,000 Filipino talent to offer customer care, technical support, customer acquisition, consulting and analytics, and other high-value specialized services to the world’s largest brands in a wide variety of industries.

GroceRush Mindanao Leg

GroceRush Mindanao Leg

The company continues to push its recruitment drive for its 21 contact centers around the country, offering Filipinos with wide-ranging career options that are both dynamic and secure, along with competitive compensation and benefits packages. Aside from various sites in Metro Manila – including the recently launched Vertis North, McKinley, and Paseo de Roxas – the company also has business sites in Antipolo, Baguio, Bacolod, Cagayan de Oro, Cebu, and Davao.

Teleperformance Philippines GroceRush eventTeleperformance continues to offer rewarding career opportunities across the country. Qualified candidates may apply through Facebook at facebook.com/teleperformance.philippines. They can also call the recruitment hotline #8353 (#TELE) or simply walk into any of the Teleperformance recruitment centers.

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