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Pru Life UK Health App Pulse for COVID-19 Protection for Filipinos

COVID-19 protection for Filipinos with Pru Life UK Health App Pulse

Health app Pulse was launched offering free COVID-19 protection and Personal Accident coverage for Filipinos. This is a timely offering in the midst of the coronavirus outbreak in the country. Under the program, Pru Life UK will offer free accident and death benefits to 500,000 Filipinos, in the unfortunate event that the individual passes away, including as a result of COVID-19. Health workers are entitled to twice the death coverage at no cost. This offer is available through Pulse, Pru Life UK’s artificial intelligence-powered health and wellness app that offers holistic health management. The free COVID-19 protection and PA coverage are one-time, 45-day insurance, available to the first 500,000 persons who register their profiles on the Pulse app, effective from the date of registration. Those who have been diagnosed with, have symptoms of, have been under quarantine for COVID-19, or have been living with a COVID-19 patient at the time ...

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Get Legal Assistance Online with LexMeet

Get your legal assistance online with LexMeet

Don’t you wish you can get some legal assistance online? That would be such a convenient option for those who don’t know any lawyer and needs to consult one for some legal problems. Well, now that service is available in the Philippines, right on your fingertips with the LexMeet app. Personally, finding a lawyer that you can ask to clarify things that need legal expertise is not easy. I remember when I needed to clarify how to go about with my birth certificate issue so I can get a passport. It took some time because I don’t know a trustworthy lawyer who will not cost an arm and a leg just to ask some questions. Imagine if I had a bigger problem? Legal problems that are not readily resolved usually end up being bigger problems. Many Filipinos who need legal help often feel helpless as getting a trustworthy lawyer is ...

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