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Startling Urbanears Experience

I talked about my bloggers meet experience where we were introduced to the Scandinavian earphone brand Urbanears at Digital Walker Cafe in Eastwood. We were given a bagful of goodies, including the Bagis. I hoped it was the Medis, but who am I to complain? I got one in black. I wished it was in white or something other than black to spice up a boring personality. But again, who am I to complain. Really, I can’t complain because with my new Urbanears earphone, I got into a startling experience I will never forget. It may sound over the top, but this is just one of those unexpected moments that I love so much. When I learned that the goodies handed to us included an Urbanears earphone, I turned giddy wanting to try it out as soon as possible, just like a boy with a new toy. But I got ...

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Urbanears Bloggers Sneak Peek

I got to visit Eastwood City again last Friday, July 1st. I scored an invite to the bloggers’ event sponsored by Digital Walker where we were introduced to one of the newest product line they carry – Urbanears. Initially, I only knew that the event was for a premium earphone brand. Later on, I learned which brand it is and searched the net for more information. In a gist, Urbanears is a maker of headphones from Switzerland. Their website offers more. The front page showcases 4 headphones in different styles. There’s also a color palette on the side. Apparently, these products come in different colors. For somebody who’s been wearing a white earphone and is used to receiving black ones from every gadget purchase, this is pretty interesting. Dragging a color from the palette changes the color of the featured item on the site. Aside from having an idea of ...

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Keeping an Open Mind — Exploring Wi-Tribe Internet

The very first Yahoo OMG Awards in the Philippines was held at the Republiq Club in Newport Mall, Resorts World Manila. I was able to attend the event last night, June 21st and this came at a timely manner. The Yahoo OMG Awards, given to the most-searched celebrity in Yahoo Philippine’s search engine, is presented by Wi-Tribe – an Internet service provider. I am in search for one, so I grabbed this chance to learn more about their service. Liberty Telecoms is the company behind Wi-Tribe – one of the first to launch 4G Technology in the Philippines. Their longstanding partnership with Yahoo Philippines goes beyond the search engine’s website as seen on Wi-Tribe’s dominant presence at the Yahoo event where they gave away an Archos tablet PC with 24 months free Internet subscription. They also gave a special award to singer Somedaydream. Wi-Tribe Execs led by Mr. Jay Reantaso, ...

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My First GCash e-Ticketing Experience

Globe’s GCash is probably one of the most indispensable mobile services in the country. I’m a registered user and as an online shopper, I’ve sent most of my payments of purchased items through this service. So when I learned that SM Cinema has partnered with GCash for their online ticketing service, I’m interested. On my way to church last Sunday, X-Men First Class was playing inside the bus traversing EDSA. I had the chance to take a glimpse of the movie of which the special screening I missed last time. I thought this is another movie that I’ll be watching at home. While in transit, I remembered SM Cinema’s online reservation system and realized I still have some cash in my GCash wallet. Sunday night while waiting for sleep to fall on me, I pointed my browser to SM Cinema’s and Globe GCash website. The following are the steps I ...

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The S-Factor Baby! Samsung Notebook Series 9

Do you have the curves and a slim waist line? Or maybe you have the muscles and that washboard abs. If you do, then you’re sexy. But it’s more than what’s outside that makes one sexy. That’s the truth, no matter how cliché that may sound. Your attitude and the way you carry yourself creates your personality. And a great personality is truly sexy. Now you can add more sexiness to your life. Technology leader Samsung recently launched the newest line of notebook computers dubbed as Sexy PC. I’m a laptop person. No matter how great the specs of a desktop computer may be, I would still go for a laptop. But because I almost always bring my laptop with me, I always preferred one that is not so big and heavy. A 15-incher is a no-no. My first was an 11-incher, moved to a 13-incher, but now carry one ...

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Maximized Viewing Pleasure

Having experienced the technology in Samsung Smart TV, I can’t help but rave about it and dream of owning one. It’s not just a television, rather an integrated entertainment system — an advanced one at that. There’s a lot of things that I can do with this TV. One that continues to amaze me is it’s capability to convert a 2D content to 3D. The people behind this lovely appliance is in touch with the reality that 3D content is not readily available in the market. Hence, it is just fitting to create such technology where one can enjoy three dimensional viewing pleasure even if you’re watching ordinary content. With that in mind, I wanted to share my thoughts on Things that I can do with a Samsung Smart TV, highlighting this feature. Some notes about the video. I feel that there’s no better way to show how high-tech this ...

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BLOGGER’S Treat – The Samsung Smart TV Sneak Peek

April 7th was a treat for me as Samsung Philippines revealed the latest Samsung SMART TV offering to a group of bloggers at The Lounge of Seventh High, Bonifacio High Street in Taguig. I was fortunate to get an invite, and so I braved the unknown that day. Unknown, because I’m not familiar with the place. The Fort Bonifacio Global City, despite it’s awesomeness, is not one of my most frequented place, so I don’t know how to find the venue. Thank goodness for Google Maps, and the relatively helpful links to Seventh High. Unknown, because I don’t know what to expect. Fine, it’s all about television alright, and I’ve seen all those drool-worthy Samsung flat screen TV at the mall, but I didn’t really pay attention. Up I go to the 2nd floor of Seventh Heaven and entered a sophisticated place — The Lounge — with two huge Samsung ...

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