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Newbie Strategies to Build Website

tough brat bags website

When testing the waters to set up an online business, it’s perfectly alright and understandable to use free services on the web. Before I moved this blog to self-hosted WordPress, I used Google’s Blogger. When I started selling online, I signed up with eBay, Sulit and Multiply. These web services helped me succeed in my venture. But when things started to get serious, I realized I have to build website to establish a solid online presence. I wanted customers to know that my business is more than just a hobby. Free services are great. But they have terms and conditions that members must adhere to. That means I cannot add a link on my eBay listing that will bring the customer to my Multiply site where all my products can be seen. Otherwise, I risk being banned; I don’t want that. Customizing the look of my online store on Multiply ...

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All-Filipino Game App Sipa on iOS and Android

Today, kids are often caught up with video games, computers and television. In our community in Quezon City, I seldom see children playing the games I used to play when I was a kid — tumbang preso, luksong tinik, patintero. These games are part of the Filipino heritage that’s slowly fading away from our awareness. Recently, I met a group of Pinoys passionate to promote Filipino culture who came up with idea of creating a Pinoy game now available for download in iTunes and Android Market. The game is called Sipa: Street Hacky Sack. This development comes at a time when smartphone and tablet users are growing. Although one will find apps that has a touch of Filipino, I have yet to discover a true-blue Filipino app game in the iOS and Android marketplace. Sipa is the country’s national game, also known as Sepak Takraw. But the more popular version ...

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Get Your Pure 4G Prepaid Internet by Wi-Tribe at 7-Eleven

Wi-Tribe Tri-Speed Pure 4G Prepaid Stick

There’s been a lot of talks about 4G Internet connection lately from different Internet service providers. It’s been pretty interesting to follow the developments of Internet technology in the country. As an online entrepreneur, a blogger and a heavy Internet user, connectivity is always critical. I’ve experienced bad connection before, missing deadlines, et al. I simply require a steady connection, which somehow, I am able to achieve with my current provider 90% of the time. But that doesn’t stop me from exploring other options. I talked about Wi-Tribe before but I never got the chance to really explore their service primarily because it’s postpaid. I was happy to learn that they now have a prepaid service — the Tri-Speed Pure 4G Prepaid Stick, and I can get it at 7-Eleven. Wi-Tribe is the pioneer in 4G service, and their claim of offering pure 4G connectivity is true to the core. ...

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iPhone 4S — Steve Jobs’ Last Gadget Soon to Land the Philippines

We lost an innovator when Steve Jobs passed away. The whole world was shocked and saddened by this unfortunate event. Even Apple’s stocks went tumbling down in Wall Street. I told myself, “I’m getting the last gadget that he dipped his hands on”. I believe that gadget is the iPhone 4S, and it will soon be available in the country come December 16. Globe has been carrying the iPhone since it was launched here in the Philippines. I remember the telecoms company holding a party at the grounds of the Ayala Triangle for its launch. With their experience in handling Apple products long with their long-standing relationship, it’s practical to purchase the new phone from them. Apple is very strict in its business implementation, and so far I haven’t heard any issue that may cause this partnership with Globe to be discontinued. I’m currently a Globe Prepaid subscriber and I ...

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In the Philippines, a Kapuso types to get the latest entertainment buzz from the network. Pinoy overseas will have to access for web contents that caters to their needs. For unbiased news reporting, browsers are pointed to That’s a lot of typing, clicking and waiting. That’s no longer necessary as brings the Kapuso experience to a new and higher level. GMA Network and GMA New Media, Inc. launches, the umbrella site for all of the Kapuso Network’s media arms. This further enhances its connection with its audience online by providing news, entertainment, information, community, and public service at their fingertips, anytime, anywhere. Spanning everything from the latest breaking news to the disc jockeys whose voices keep you company on the airwaves, gives users access to all of GMA’s sites, GMA News Online’s breaking news, social media feed as well exclusive videos and program guides. ...

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Cherry Mobile Launched An Invasion

Cherry Invasion

Local mobile phone manufacturer Cherry Mobile launched their newest gadget offerings on the proverbial day of November 11, 2011 which started at 11AM at a restaurant in Quezon City. It was a gathering of techie bloggers, with no less than Abe Olandres of Yugatech gracing the event. I was entering the function room and was surprised to see him filling out the registration at the counter. I was surprised not because Abe was there, but because I was invited to an event where he was also a guest. “I arrived” was my afterthought. HAHA! I was elated, but that feeling was quickly taken away as I focused my attention to the business at hand — Cherry Mobile’s invasion. It was an invasion of droids! A total of 4 mobile phones and 3 tablets were showcased that day, each offering the same WiFi-capability and connectivity that can only be achieved by ...

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Philippines and Beyond — BPI Cards Wonderworld

BPI Cards Wonderworld

The Philippines has entered the digital era with Internet marketing, social media marketing, and online shopping now at the center stage of the local cyberspace. There’s no better time for Bank of the Philippine Islands to introduce it’s card services that best serves the Filipino netizens — The BPI Cards Wonderworld. The BPI Cards Wonderworld is BPI’s portal to credit card, debit card and prepaid card requirements. Shop online with confidence with BPI eCredit. Set a sublimit for your BPI Mastercard and shop all you want without worries! This is your best online shopping buddy. You no longer have to worry about being hacked. That’s utmost peace of mind for shopaholics out there! Another interesting card product is My ePrepaid. Shop like you

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#TodayIWill — An Engaging Campaign From Globe Prepaid

#TodayIWill Twitter Results

I was watching television last night when Globe’s newest television commercial was aired. It’s really engaging. I think 2 days ago, the hashtag #TodayIWill has been trending on Twitter and I thought it was just one of those hashtags that went viral that comes up from time-to-time on the social networking site. It turns out Globe Prepaid was the one behind it and while it promotes the prepaid services that one can do today, it also encourages people to take matters into their hands and do what should be done for the day. Here’s the video for those who have yet to watch it: Isn’t it nice? I love it! I love the message — it doesn’t push me, but rather gently nudge me into action and take ownership of my day. It reminded me of what I want to do and should be doing today and the next day ...

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Lenovo Mobile Enters the Philippine Market

Lenovo's Fashion Phone in the flesh

The 3rd biggest PC manufacturer in the world has made a mark as the biggest mobile phone brand in China. Now Lenovo Mobile has entered the Philippine market to conquer the hearts of every cellphone-toting Filipino. I attended the exclusive blogger dinner at Chateau 1771, Greenbelt 5 last October 27th where we were introduced to the product line now available in the market. My initial impression — WOW! This invitation came at a very timely manner. I have been thinking of purchasing a new mobile phone with price as the primary consideration. But of course I’m also looking at the features. As an online retailer and a blogger, I need to be online most of the time. Hence, the need to be always connected to the Internet is a major requirement. I wanted to be able to access my email, get on the web, send a tweet or set a ...

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Gadget Discoveries at the AstroPlus and OrangeMagazineTV Bloggers Blowout

I was fortunate to have been included in the first Bloggers’ Blowout by AstroPlus and OrangeMagazineTV last September 3rd at the Greenbelt 5 in Makati. I signed up for the “tech” niche, although there were slots for “music” and “movies”. I would have wanted to join all categories, but with the limitations, the gadget geek in me ruled over. The event started at 1PM though the portion for tech bloggers was scheduled at 4PM. I was at the Rockwell’s Ultimate Taste Test but had to leave to be able to attend this interesting event. Interesting because for me, AstroPlus is all about CDs and DVDs, and I’m looking forward to knowing what sort of gadgets they have in store. When I arrived, the store is full of beautiful people from the blogosphere, some of whom I knew but most of them I met for the first time. The session for ...

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